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| Sep 24, 2020

Raising a trans child with Tiffani Ortega

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Everyone has their own journey, for some people it may be easy and for others they have to face challenges that they never expected.

In this episode, I had the joy of talking to Tiffani Corral Ortega. She is an amazing mother and wife willing to do anything for her family. Tiffani is facing what may a challenge for most people in society; having a transgender daughter. In this conversation, we will learn how to deal with the news of having a transgender child and how to face it, the first steps to achieve the transition, the obstacles she had to go through in order for her family to accept her daughter and what she hopes for her daughter and all transgender people in the future.

This is a poignant episode that will touch your heart, and I hope it makes people understand that transgender people are the same as all of us. Please, listen to this episode with your heart open and enjoy it.

About Tiffani Corral Ortega

My name is Tiffani Corral Ortega. I am a wife, mother of two, an artist, an outdoor community organizer, an advocate, a life coach, the founder of Hearts by Tiffani where we aim to touch millions of hearts by inspiring people to feel, heal, forgive, and love wholehearted. I am also the founder of Tiffani Corral Investments where I coach women to balance their life with the Foundation of my Favorite F Words that result in Freedom. 

Connect with Tiffani on Instagram:

Personal/art: @mirefugioproject
Workshops and Community: @heartsbytiffani
Life Coach: @tiffanicorralinvestments

What you'll hear

4:26 Who's Tiffani and what's she doing.

5:32 Insights about Tiffani's life and family.

7:12 Tiffani talks about her marriage before having children and the desire of having them.

8:02 The shift in her family when they found out they had a transgender daughter.

11:33 Tiffani's adaptation process as a parent of a transgender child.

14:02 Tiffani talks about how she felt alone during the process and how she started to get information about raising a transgender child.

14:56 The moment when she and her husband landed about having a transgender children.

19:28 How they broached it to their family.

21:06 The transgender process in hindsight and her advice to parents that are going through this journey.

22:24 Where to go to get more information about the transgender process.

24:56 How is she navigating the transgender conversation with her other children.

25:56 The unintended blessing that came with this journey.

26:58 Tiffani talks about the fear of the unknown.

27:58 The challenge she never thought she was going to deal with.

28:55 Tiffani talks about the LGBTQ+ activism and her daughter decision about it.

34:11 Tifanni talks about whether the change to accept transgender people comes from the people or through legislation

36:35 What is her statement to all parents.

40:25 Tiffani talks to man about how can they deal with having a transgender children.

45:04 Her advices for other people that are not supporting LGBTQ+ community

50:28 Where to find Tiffani and how to support her.

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