The Awakening

A 7-Day Retreat To Change Your Life Forever

Dec 27th–Jan 3rd in the Dominican Republic

A 7-Day Retreat To Change Your Life Forever

Stop. Close your eyes. Please take a deep breath with us.

crest of a wave

Take a moment and feel your connection to the same force rising the sun in the morning and crashing waves upon shorelines, all day long, all around the world. There’s a Mystic in you who’s ready to connect to a limitless source of energy and inspiration as you live the next year as your highest self.

crest of a wave

Can you feel that?

Can you feel that?

bow and arrow

Take a moment and acknowledge everything your ancestors faced to get you here today, all the obstacles they overcame, and that you have their strength buried deep inside you, right there in your DNA, begging to be mobilized. There’s a Warrior in you who’s ready to start slaying the demons of your limiting beliefs.

bow and arrow

Do you see that?

Do you see that?


Take a moment and recognize the power of possibility, that each morning and moment is a fresh beginning. NOW, more than ever, is the time to put pen to paper and give a fierce voice to your desires and dreams. There’s a Poet in you who’s ready to write a new story for your new life.


You know this is all true, don’t you?

You know this is all true, don’t you?

Let us tell you, something magical happens when you combine the three archetypes listed above — The Mystic, The Warrior, and The Poet.

We know.

And once you feel them together,
you’ll never be the same.

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Leila Dylla

As the Mystic comes alive in you, you’ll be:

  • Connected to a higher power, no matter how you choose to define it
  • Unshakeable in your belief that you belong and you’re whole just as you are
  • Infused with the energy of the divine, with breath, and with love

Traver Boehm

As the Warrior comes alive in you, you will:

  • Unapologetically stand in your boundaries with a strong open heart
  • Embody a profound experience of both leadership and surrender
  • Allow access to the innate power of your body as a man or woman

Jeremy Goldberg

As the Poet comes alive in you, you will:

  • Learn not only that your voice matters but that there is immense power in your words and how you choose them
  • Create clarity on the story you came from and the new story you’re writing for your life
  • Allow full of permission to allow your heart to burst open and all your caged creativity to pour out

Sound good?

As teachers, we’ve put our collective energies together for the past two years for a New Year’s workshop, and the results have been nothing short of miraculous.

We’ve had dozens of people, just like you, show up on December 27th as one person and leave January 3rd embodying a radically different persona.

Your life will change. You will change.

These are bold claims, but we stand by them because we’ve seen them happen repeatedly.


Group of retreat attendees in front of a waterfall
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Here’s what you get:

  • An opening circle to solidify your intentions and create a beautiful, safe container for the week.
  • Morning yoga classes and dharma talks with Leila.
  • Multiple workshops taught in collaboration and individually, by Leila, Traver and Jeremy. Our best work delivered straight to you.
  • Group and individual exercises to blow your mind, heal your heart, and set your soul on fire.
  • Evening fireside Q&A sessions where your personal questions get our collective attention and response.
Leila Dylla teaching a workshop
Two women interacting with each other in a workshop
Morning mediation guided by Traver
Fireside group hangout in the evening
  • A wild zip-line adventure through the Dominican Jungle.
  • A breathtaking waterfall hike to usher in the New Year.
  • Raucous laughter that may leave your cheeks sore.
  • Love, tears, hugs, and connection like you’ve never experienced before.
  • A final closing circle to solidify and acknowledge who you’ve become.
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The Awakening

A 7-Day Retreat To Change Your Life Forever

A 7-Day Retreat To Change Your Life Forever

We’ve done this three years running now, but never in this particular way with our individual strengths taking center stage…nor in the Caribbean! And already...

We’ve had singles turn into couples.

We’ve watched entire lives transformed with a single decision.

We’ve seen strangers turn into lifelong friends.

Women hugging each other and laughing
Man and woman grinning while participating in a workshop

We’ve left permanent marks on past participants — literally.

Three people (so far) have commemorated their experience with permanent ink. How many other workshops have you seen where the participants get tattooed upon leaving because they never want to forget the experience they just had?

Traver, Jeremy and Leila with two retreat attendees who got tattoos to commemorate the retreat
Closeup of the tattoo: a combination of a bomb, the UNcivilized arrow, and a rose

Although this isn’t a requirement, its an outstanding testimonial to the power of the experience, right? It speaks to the impact of our work more than our words ever could.

Magic takes place when the three forces of The Mystic, The Warrior, and The Poet dance together in unison — and this is exactly what we’re bringing to this year’s event, this time in a new country, with new workshops, and new intentions, possibilities, and potential.

Now imagine this same transformative experience is happening IN YOU.

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Close your eyes one more time and imagine…

Returning to your life in January when most people are still “needing a vacation from their vacation” and checking out from their lives.

Spending your New Year’s Eve in a smelly bar getting your leg dry-humped, wondering where on Earth your conscious community may be and waking up hungover after another NYE like the others.

Turning the calendar to January 1 with a half-hearted promise of “new year/new you” KNOWING you’ve performed this exact same charade for the past decade.

BUT INSTEAD, imagine this:

Giving yourself the gift of a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Taking a chance on yourself and the life you know you want to be living.

Investing in your future and turning your dreams into reality.

Buying a flight to the Caribbean to hang out with three world-class coaches and 20 new friends you’ve yet to meet.

And most importantly…

Returning to all of your relationships the same way you’ve now returned to yourself.

Woman walking along a lit bridge under a tree canopy in the evening


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Join us for seven days and eight nights in this stunning resort for an experience you’ll never forget.



  • All of the above daily workshops
  • Organic vegetarian meals prepared just for you by our resident chefs
  • A half-day session of specific men’s healing work and women’s permission work
  • 2 Transformational Breathwork Sessions
  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • A half-day zipline experience through a stunning Dominican jungle
  • A breathtaking waterfall hike to usher in the New Year
  • A full day off to explore the breathtaking beach nearby

Not included:

  • Flights
  • Passports
  • Travel insurance

Workshops, surging, a woman ziplining, and a food spread

About your teachers

Leila Dylla

Leila Dylla

I serve as a Guide for those coming home to themselves. I am a life coach, yoga teacher, meditation guider, energy healer, and breath worker. I am a truth seeker, truth speaker, and truth seer.

I am an advocate for love and a healer for those that are ready to rise. I am a spiritual mentor, an oracle, and a devotee of the Most High. I love traveling, speaking, laughing, cooking, writing, learning, sun shining, and hanging with my Folly dog.

I am an ordinary woman who’s answered her call to see God in the details of life, and to help guide others back to their truth, power, and purpose. I am here in service to love and truth, and I am here in service to you.

Traver Boehm

Traver Boehm

I’m the founder of the UNcivilized Men’s Movement, the fastest growing men’s movement in the world, and the author of Today I Rise, and Man UNcivilized.  I’m also a two-time TEDx speaker, men’s coach, and podcaster.

Drawing upon an eclectic background ranging from professional bodyguard and Mixed Martial Arts to a Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and meditation, I counsel men, women, and couples on how to better understand men’s mental health and relationship difficulties.

With a passion for people and a unique lens through which to view the human experience, I’m a highly sought-after teacher in the fields of consciousness, relationship, and personal development.

Jeremy Goldberg

Dr. Jeremy Goldberg

I’m a compassion-cultivating, day-making change agent, an empathy-collecting, anti-quitting word wizard, a ferocious never-giver upper, a collector and purveyor of fine silver linings. I worked for governments and universities for over a decade, and also spent five years studying how our brains influence our actions and then wrote a Ph.D. thesis about it.

Besides my academic background, I have an honorary doctorate from the School of Hard Knocks. I’ve met rock bottom, planted a seed, grew a haunted house into a home, and climbed out of the hole my mind made. Now I help others do the same.

I founded Long Distance Love Bombs, and my mission is to make kindness cool, empathy popular, and compassion commonplace. I write books, rant on social media, and host retreats, workshops, and a podcast.


Housing Options

We have accommodation options available at different price points.

You can book a Treehouse all to yourself, or you can share a Treehouse with your partner or friend! More info below.

Spots are limited!

Please write to us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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  • Is this coed? Or just for men or just for women?
    Nope. All humans are welcome.
  • Do I have to be COVID vaccinated to join?
    You do not. We will be asking everyone to arrive with a negative test taken 24 hours prior to flying down to join us, in addition we will keep you updated on the Dominican Replublic’s specific travel requirements.
  • Will other people be at the retreat center with us?
  • What will the food be like?
    Delicious, fresh, organic vegetarian meals will be prepared just for you by our resident chefs. Please let us know about your dietary concerns (allergies, etc.) before booking.
  • Is there a payment plan available?
    Yes! The deposit is $1,500 (non-refundable). Pay in full after that, or, 2 or three payments of the remainder (plus 5% for 2, 10% for 3). All payments have to be made 60 days prior to the event.
  • How do payments work?
    You pay the non-refundable deposit now to reserve a spot in the workshop, then we’ll send an invoice depending on the room and payment plan you select next. Easy peasy.
  • How do I get there?
    Just fly into Santo Domingo airport, and we’ll arrange a shuttle for you to get to the retreat center.
  • When should I make my flights for?
    Please plan to arrive before 2pm on December 27th and depart after 12pm on January 3rd.
The Dominican Treehouse Village Rooms

Still have questions?

For more information about the retreat center, you can visit their website here. They have a helpful What to Bring section, as well as an FAQ page with more information about the facilities.

For any other information, please send us an email at [email protected].

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