We are asked to sit down, shut up, and stand by. Men are viewed solely as oppressors, villains and perpetrators.  

And we all know compassion and sympathy are reserved solely for the oppressed.  

As a result, the modern man is displaced.  

Modern Man is…

He is caught between the rules of the past and the lies of the future. 

He knows the ways of his father and grandfather lead to disease, divorce, and an early death. 

He knows the ways of the social justice era lead to dismantling of his power, his leadership, and his desires.

 There is no space for men to have pain of our own. No tolerance for our wounds. And no place for the root of the challenges that befall us as men:

Alcoholic father – too bad, check your privilege

Sexually abused as a boy – sorry, all men are rapists on some level

Destroyed by your divorce – pay your child support or we’ll put you in jail

Depressed – pick up your chin and stop being weak

Addicted – well then you’re just not a “real man”

Here’s what no one is telling you about the CIVILIZED world’s broken masculine paradigms:

1 Men lead every single negative health statistic that doesn’t involve ovaries or breasts.

2 77% of suicides commited in the US are by men.

3 8 out of 10 male suicides are related to a breakup or divorce.

4 80% of divorces are female led. God only knows what percentage of marriages are sexless and miserable.

5 75% of the chronically homeless are male.


Addiction. Assault. Obesity and death rates at all ages…I can go on and on…   

Man UNcivilized gives you the pathway to:


THE paradigm that men are flocking to in droves — one that demands the cultivation of grounded strength, power checked with integrity, and introduction for men to their beautiful hearts. 

An ETHOS to live by daily to guarantee men a healthy place in this world. 

An understanding of sex as a vehicle for growth, healing, and development for both men and their partners. 

Building the life men want to live, not the one a warped society demands of them without giving them a say in the matter. 

Peace. Freedom. And community. The real answers to the suicide, addiction, and destructive patterns so many men are caught in. The patterns the people in their lives suffer from along with them.


Men — none of us think we’ll be a statistic. Yet the statistics don’t lie. If you follow the CIVILIZED path you’re bound to end up where CIVILIZED do: 


  • Sick 
  • Alone 
  • Addicted 
  • Or dead 


These are but a few of the the uncomfortable truths no one talks about with men, especially the people screaming loudest for change.


Many of whom will read this and furiously proclaim – ALL SPACE IS MALE SPACE, EVERY DAY IS MEN’S DAY! 


And yet the statistics don’t lie… 


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