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Taking your understanding of what it means to be a man in these confusing times and having it instantly clarified.

Of walking into a weekend with little understanding of how much power you possess and walking out with the knowledge burned into the fabric of your being — you are powerful — act accordingly.

Imagine…having what is innately both primal and divine about you as a man activated for you to use every hour of every day moving forward. Imagine having access to that strength and intentionality right now.

Of being a bastion of radical safety for your partners, your children and all those who walk among you — you become the lighthouse in the storm.

Imagine being sovereign and free of the good opinion of the civilized world, breathing deeply into the knowing you are bringing your unique vision to life.

Of being undeniable in your sense of self, autonomy, and emotional intelligence as a man.

Enough imagining, my brother let's make this your reality.

April 9th - 12th there is a gathering of UNcivilized men just outside of Denver Colorado.

We will train, commune, and learn together. We will share space, bread, and our stories.

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Participants will tap into their primal nature of the bodies and the land with hands on exercises on:

  • Self defense/offense with former professional MMA fighter with Traver Boehm
  • Sexual mastery with Intimacy Coach Jamie Thompson
  • Animal processing and land ceremonies with Wilderness Therapist Michael Gay

Participants will tap into the divine nature of their hearts with hands on exercises on:

  • Feeding your heart with creative expression taught by author and spoken word poet Dr. Jeremy Goldberg (aka Long Distance Love Bombs)
  • Trauma releasing breathwork and shadow work with Michael Gay

The days of the lone wolf, 1950’s Marlboro Man are behind us.

The days of the sensitive new age “Nice Guy” are crashing before our eyes.

It’s time to come be initiated into a new way of being. It’s time to start being the man you want to be, not the man society is shaming and harmfully shaping you into.

It’s time to come uncivilize yourself on behalf of — all men, women, children — and the planet.

It’s time to join your brothers.

Please fill out the application below and we will contact you immediately.

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Traver Boehm
Yours UNcivilized,
Traver Boehm - Founder The UNcivilized Men’s Movement

Thursday April 9th — 5pm Opening Circle

Sunday April 12th — 3pm Closing Circle

Men only — housing and meals included

Cost $1,500 (payment options available)

UNcivilized Gathering Application


When Should I arrive?

You'll need to arrive at the venue between 4pm and 5pm on Thursday, April 9th. The Opening Circle will start at 5pm.

How Do I Get There?

The venue is 2 hours outside of Denver. If you are flying in Denver International Airport is the closest airport.

I will connect all of the men before the event so you will have the opportunity to arrange carpooling with some of the other participants.

What's The Refund Policy?

In the event you need to cancel you will be refunded all but $500. Refunds can be made up until the day of the event.

What Will The Accommodations Be?

There will be shared accommodations for all the men. All rooms will be first come first serve. Please arrive no earlier than 4pm.

What Will The Food Be Like?

All your meals will be provided during the gathering. Meals will be home cooked Paleo based organic meals.

Can Women Come?

Sorry ladies. The Gathering is for men only.