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| Jul 26, 2021

How to make storytelling your superpower with Kymberlee Weil

Kymberlee Weil

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We all love good stories. The ones that make us laugh, cry, scream, and have nightmares at night; every story that generates a feeling is certainly a story to remember.

My present and everything I am I owe to my story and the person who gave me reasons to share it with the world, today's guest, Kymberlee Weil.

Do you want to be remembered? Then you have to listen to this episode where we will be talking about storytelling and how this incredible tool can change our lives. 


Because attention in the modern currency, DO NOT miss out on Kymberlee Weil's free Storytelling MasterClass this week and let storytelling become your superpower.


Crushing it. Two words with unlimited potential of possibility. That describes the life path perfectly for Kymberlee Weil.

How else could one possibly explain a person who holds the distinction of NCAA Woman of the Year, 4th Degree Master Level Black Belt, MBA educated, Author of two books on technology, Founder of an award-winning software company, Winner of both the Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award for Professional Services and The Association for Women in Communication’s Women of Achievement Award, Trainer of over 300 TEDx speakers, Improv Comedy performer and trainer, International Speaker and creator of that specializes in High-Stakes Short-Form Storytelling to help thought leaders expand their influence….and we’re just getting started!

Kymberlee’s determination to defy her own barriers fused with her unique combination of Storytelling, Spontaneity, and Strategy has resulted in a powerful communication approach that has drawn the likes of CEOs, High Net-Worth Individuals, Influencers and Entrepreneurs the world over.


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[3:52] Meeting Kymberlee Weil.

[11:43] Why are stories important now more than ever?

[14:06] Stories make connections.

[16:49] Be remembered.

[20:46] Freezing time.

[23:21] The storyteller DNA.

[26:29] Kymberlee's master class.

[30:07] The main elements of a story.

[36:40] Turn your story into a reflection.

[39:57] Forget about chronological stories.

[45:10] The biggest mistakes storytellers make.

[51:00] Where to find our guest.

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