Man UNcivilized Book Inside Pages

This book is the key for men building the life men want to live, not the one a warped society demands of them.

If you're a man, you need to read this book. If you know men, date men, are married to a man, or are raising a young man — you need to read this book.

Man UNcivilized Book inside pages


Here’s what readers have to say about the Man UNcivilized book

A brother of mine gave me a copy of your book and I can say without a doubt that it has made more sense to me than anything I have ever read. Your book perfectly described what I have been trying to be my entire life but I could never put into words or I would push it to the back of my mind. There aren’t words to say how grateful I am to you for your book. It’s fucking healing and genuinely has put me in a much better place mentally and continues to do so. Thank you brother.

I finished your book last night. Probably one of my fastest times in finishing a book beginning to end. I wanted to thank you for setting the record straight and being a catalyst for positive change for men, and the world in general. The book couldn’t have found me at a better time. As a 27-year-old figuring out my own shit with my business, my relationship with my girlfriend and my own family, your book gave me a different perspective and approach on how to handle certain things. I’m eager to embark on this new journey with myself. Thank you.

Thank you.

I am a 44-year-old widow raising three teenage sons. My late husband was unapologetically uncivilized.

Your book puts into words how I’ve been trying to raise them the last 4 years. I am a champion of uncivilized men, including the teenagers I teach daily.

God bless. Stay the course.

I love being outdoors and hiking and building shit and shooting guns and sex but never identified with the hyper masculine attitude/persona that’s often portrayed and also had my struggles with my mental health invalidated by the “man up” culture I experienced growing up where I had to repress my anxiety and depression only for it to fester.

But then you come along and talk about real shit, like mental health and even racial equality. Which are important to me and part of my core morals. So thank YOU Traver for reuniting me with masculinity and helping restore some of my faith in my fellow men.

Traver, you have been a godsend. Love your work and your words. Thank you. Big Hugs, Fist Bumps and High Fives. Peace Brother.

Every man I’ve met since my divorce I’ve sent your way. Basically if they can’t level up with your messages, books, podcast—I’m not interested 🙌🏽❤️

Insightful. Insightful into my own masculine and into men’s masculine and feminine. Sincere. Full of depth and heart. Productively and lovingly triggering and motivating. A good example of what men can be and are becoming. Bravo 👏

Bonus for funny and blunt too!

Dude my partner is loving it! It’s his favorite thing. It’s like a prayer of mine has been answered because I GET to have amazing conversations with a beautiful man on these topics! It’s a love language..the 6th love language. I like “touch, acts of service and uncivilized man talk” 😜

Listening to your book on audible for the third time through today and it’s been a game changer for me - thank you. The first time shattered a lot of my beliefs and now I’m trying repeat exposure to really cement it into my brain. The book and the meditation course have really changed my mindset in a positive way.

Thank you for such a phenomenal book. It’s so tough finding great wisdom for men in a 2020 world. I found your book vital in retaining masculinity and identity while being cognizant and respectful to the LGBTQ+ community. As a litmus test, I asked myself after every chapter, “if my female-to-male trans friend sat next to me while listening to this audiobook, would he agree or at least discuss this with me?” And you help up beginning to end. As someone who tends to be an ‘ally’, this was a perfect anchor for supporting them while retaining who I am as a man.

When my husband read your book, porn was one of the FIRST things he told me he was quitting! I was so floored and moved when I quit too. This has been a PORN-FREE household since February 🙌🏼❤️

What’s changed is our satisfaction, and a roaring sex drive, even in the midst of the worldly stress 🙌🏼 we’ve connected as individuals on a much deeper and vulnerable level, communicating much more vulnerably and often. I don’t think I even recognized how much porn was allowing us to deflect satisfying intimate sex with each other in exchange for fast and cheap sex with ourselves. Thank you so so much 🙏🏼

Primal and Divine 🙌🏻 That’s so sexy and hot to me 😋🙌🏻🙏🏻 well said!

I would best describe it as having an understanding and awareness of energy.

You are starting at the root. Tapping into the primal, saintly and savage deep inside… they hear your call and are waking up.

Traver. You are changing this world…

This book is pure medicine; it serves as antidote to the toxic masculinity And the fear of being unapologetic about owning your manhood. I was gifted this book and have since gifted it two times myself to important people in hopes it brings the same bold empowerment and growth.

My only recommendation with this book is to take your time with it, and share your journey with someone important to you. I definitely recommend this book if you’re tired of seeking approval or acceptance, if your done feeling shame about your journey, and if your done watching from the sidelines and are ready to own your life.

Just finished reading Man UNcivilized and I need to express my gratitude to you. Thank you for putting into words what I’ve been looking for in a man/ masculine partner. Thank you for calling up deeper integrity and drive and love from my own inner Masculine. As a woman, I feel so seen and held, reading your book about men !! Kinda trippy. I can feel Our Earth’s pride in your work and missing. May your work continue to bless you and your community. Deep love and gratitude, brother.

Your book will likely Dave my relationship, before it even turns into marriage.

It’s certainly playing a huge role in saving my life right now.

I bought this book as a single woman. Why? Because I love men. I deeply care about how men treat themselves, are treated and believe so much in the potential of solid partnerships where both parties are in their power.

Your book... gave me chills many times. I felt seen, honored, respected and for the first time in a long time, started to get excited about the prospect of dating again.

The energy and heart you put into this book is felt in its pages.

I look back at all the men in my life, the ones who I have hurt me because I could see unnamed potential, my father who never provided safety for me, just all of it... I had a hard time putting intp words what I was waiting for, but it's here. In your book, through you and the men you work with.

Thank you for doing what you are doing. I gave my boyfriend your book six months ago and asking him to read it. He ignored it. Six months later I ended the relationship. He was devastated. He picked up your book, listened to your podcast (among others), quit drinking, started seeing a counselor. We are now working through our own issues (I’m codependent. With shitty boundaries 😬) with the intention of being stronger together in the future. He is a forester, rap attack, hard working, BJJ brown belt. You were relatable to him and the ethos were straightforward and impactful.

I have also decided to stop drinking. Thank you so much for what you are doing. My girlfriend is now getting your book for her boyfriend :)

Thank you again!! 🙏🏻

This book is for men and women alike, but not for the faint of heart or those accustomed to blame-shifting their problems and finger-pointing at the world for their woes. On second thought - maybe these folks need it most. This book is savage poetry, unapologetic, confronting and compassionate in one sweeping breath.

I found myself laughing out loud on one page, fist-pumping the air on the second, blushing by the bold proclamations Traver calls out on the third ("Whoa...he just said that?! He just said that!!!") and then crying messy man tears the page after. Traver has given eloquent voice to so many sentiments I've shared, held a mirror to the aspects of myself that I'd kept hidden, and given me permission to be messy AF while striving to become a better human.

This book will help you become 100% responsible for your life and for the brighter, kinder, UNcivilized future we all aspire to co-create.

Traver! ❤️ I am not a man but I bought your book anyway; it made it all the way to Zimbabwe and I picked it up yesterday afternoon and finished it this morning!

I honour you for the movement you have created and the work you have and are doing with men around the world! It has helped me, even though I’m not a man, and is an inspiration for me to carry on doing my own work and honour myself until an uncivilized man comes along! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ❤️

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Traver Boehm

Traver Boehm

Traver is inspiring millions of men to shift their experience of masculinity by combining the Primal Masculine with the Divine Masculine.  He is an author, speaker, and founder of the Man UNcivilized Movement, as well as a former Strength & Conditioning coach, a CrossFit gym owner, an MMA fighter, a bodyguard, an acupuncturist, and a surfer.

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