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The fitness results you want
faster than you ever thought possible.

The fitness results you want faster than you ever thought possible.

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We are all physical creatures,

but we do not live physical lifestyles anymore, do we?

We don’t.

The civilized world has us chained to desks and staring at screens. We use our phones to tell us how many steps we’ve taken instead of walking away from our phones.

I remember the horror I felt reading America can’t use an “average” bodyweight in statistics anymore because our average bodyweight was in fact “significantly overweight,” — and this was 15 years ago — Pre-Covid where Americans gained an AVERAGE of 30 lbs.

Walk through any airport and you’ll see all you need to see, we don’t need to beat you over the head with the same statistics about diabetes, heart disease, and obesity that we’re now all numb to.

Spaghetti overflowing out of a garbage container

Here’s the real price of the Civilized Lifestyle, maybe you can relate:

  • People feel too physically self conscious to date or have sex
  • People eat their emotions away pushing them further into depression and feeling shitty about themselves
  • Not seeing friends becomes more attractive than seeing them because of insecurities about recent weight gains
  • A million ideas and creative expressions get stifled and put on the “once I lose the weight” shelf
  • Suffering goes through the roof but is kept silent.


Here’s what we are after, in no uncertain terms.

Getting you in the best shape of your life so you can permanently turn the tide of everything that’s hiding underneath that weight.

Does that make sense?

Man and woman doing squats

The weight is a bandaid, one that works well, but costs you everything you want out of this one delicious life.

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So, how do you get in the best shape of your life?

Easy! Just Google “how to workout and eat clean” and follow the prompts.  Then do it for one year, and you’ll be in the best shape of your life right?


How do we know? If you’re still reading this, ask yourself honestly: How has that program worked out for you so far?

Man asleep on gym equipment

In your heart, you already know what to do and knowing what to do means FUCK ALL.  

It’s DOING what you have to do, over and over again, that means everything.

And that’s why The UNcivilized Body exists.

The UNcivilized Body

We at UNcivilized are in a position so unique, so fortuitous, it has become a sacred responsibility.

Dave Boyd, Traver Boehm, and Zeb Pascual

We can provide you not only the tools and resources, but most importantly, the ACCOUNTABILITY—

to get you to do the things you know you have to do, that you don’t want to do, to build the body you know you can have.

This is our promise to you. At a moment’s notice, you’ll be able to lift something heavy, run fast, or swim far. You will fit comfortably in your clothes and more importantly, feel comfortable in your body.

Man lifting weights
Woman tying shoelaces
Couple jogging outdoors
Man flexing bicep at the gym

You won’t be afraid to go to the doctor because your body is functioning the way it should. You’ll proudly share with friends and family how you took charge of your health and your body, and maybe even invite them to join you.

And you’ll know you’ve taken the greatest step of your life to become more than you’ve ever been before.

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Meet your UNcivilized Body Coach—

Zeb Pascual

Zeb Pascual waving

“I have been in a constant state of training since 5 years old — martial arts, cross country, wrestling, swimming, gymnastics, weightlifting, rock climbing, CrossFit — so I learned from an early age how inseparable quality of life is from physical culture.

But as much as I love training, and as much as I know I’ll be doing it for the rest of my life, what I may love equally as much is sharing it and teaching it to others.

Zeb Pascual weightlifting

In college I started training friends for free, not just because I loved it, but also because I couldn’t help myself. I HAD to coach them. And I’ve been a coach ever since. Over the years and some thousands of clients later, I’ve realized that most people DO NOT prioritize their health or fitness. But most people DO want out of the quiet desperation they’re trapped in and are ready to make permanent change. The Uncivilized Body exists for them.”

Get me in now!


I have been able to interact with Traver and the team at UNcivilized for some time now. Whether they are hosting an event, meeting, or course they ensure that each participant has access to quality content. When I heard that UNcivilized was planning a 'Body' program, I was immediately interested.

After talking to Zeb, I was completely on board and wanted to jump in immediately without waiting for the official program to start. I’m glad I did!

While I can talk to my success of losing 20lbs in the first month, it’s the manner that the program enables me that is impressive. The program is structured in a way that not only addresses what to eat or which exercises to do but addresses some of the underlying mindset problems that did not serve me before. Giving me the tools to make me confident that this is sustainable moving forward after years of starting / stopping / successes / failures.

If that is not great enough, Zeb and the team are highly interactive daily so you never feel that you are doing this alone or just doing an 'online' program. There is genuine caring about you as a person, your health goals, and your whole well-being.

I am beyond grateful to be an early member and I look forward to continuing to work with Zeb and the team over these next upcoming months!
–Michael Ortega

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I was always active, before and during pregnancy. I loved running, lifting weights, cycling, rowing, anything under the sun except swimming. It was after my traumatizing labor (moms you feel me on this one) where I physically and mentally just lost myself. Every so often I’d snap out of it, hop on a bike or go for a light jog. I tried to keep moving but it was a constant battle with myself. I would give up on myself so quickly.

A year or so passes and I see my longtime-childhood-older-brother figure Zeb has attended the Half Ironman at the Big Island! Every time I chat with big bro, I get a rush of motivation. I jokingly was asking him to train me virtually. The more we chatted, I thought why freaking not? I had everything I needed equipment-wise, I just really needed someone I TRUST to tell me what to do, and I trust Zeb.

Zeb showed me the plan, I trusted the process and it delivered results in LESS THAN one week! I started to feel and SEE myself again.

I have had many coaches, joined many gyms (I have the merch to prove it) but let me tell you there is no one that will treat you better than Zeb. He always made himself available and quickly answered any of my questions. Even if it was which balsamic vinaigrette should I get?? He'd respond through text or my favorite way—sending a video message. If I had questions on my form, he would dissect each video frame of me doing the workout with reasonings behind the answers as well! I love hearing this guy explain things. With mom brain, sometimes (ok maybe always) you need the extra explaining.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you kuya Zeb. I take back saying you gave my myself back because you gave me a better version of myself. A person I know my son would look up to.
–Alina Lopez

The UNcivilized Body

Here’s how we work:

Please answer a few questions to help us understand your struggles & goals. From there, a member of our team will reach out to you with more information.


Have a question that wasn’t answered here?

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As someone who had *never* been athletic or in-shape, the idea of working out was always something that caused me anxiety. I always *wanted* to be in-shape and happy with my body, but I had just never been a person who enjoyed exercising… ever! That is, until I met Zeb.

My husband introduced me to him, and Zeb gave us (at our request) the spiel. You know, the one about how if you don’t invest in your health now, you’ll be investing in your sickness later? It was quite convincing (because it’s all true). The thing is, I already knew it all at an intellectual level, I just could never get there physically.

Regardless, my husband and I decided to go for it. Meanwhile I’m thinking “CrossFit? Me? There’s no way in hell this is going to work.” Well… IT DID. Zeb somehow transformed me into somebody who enjoyed working out! He was able to take parts of my personality (particularly my competitiveness and near obsessive nerdy-ness) and used those to get me past the “I want to die” part, into the “I can’t wait to get back to the gym” part!

It was wonderful. I felt great about my body, and really enjoyed being able to push myself to new limits. Mostly though, I was having a TON of fun! Not only did I have enjoy going to the gym, but lifting weights somehow turned into Xbox LAN Parties and massive Game of Thrones premiers! It’s funny; when you start prioritizing your health and wellbeing, life just sort of, works out. You start becoming your best self. After working with Zeb, I accomplished things I couldn’t have even dreamed of before, and had a blast while doing it.
–Bailey Third

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Because of Zeb, I was able to pull myself out of depression during junior year of high school. That year was extremely hard for me. I felt completely burned out and sluggish – not performing to my best ability in school. I didn’t feel like I was challenging myself enough. I was disappointed in everything I did, so I began to slip into depression without realizing it.

A friend recommended that I join Cross Fit because he’d seen the program dramatically improve other people’s lives. So, I went out on a limb and started Cross Fitting under Zeb’s guidance. Since then, he has become one of my most prized role models for how I want to live my life. Zeb has inspired me to become the best that I can be and I don’t want to let him down.

I feel as though I have changed after this project because he has inspired me to make a difference in other peoples’ lives and to serve others more than myself. He constantly talked about how he lives for his clients and even though he has been extremely busy lately, he wakes up early just for them. He thinks of them as his family rather than his clients. He would do anything for that family. In just one hour of talking to him, he has taught me so much about life and the importance of doing what you love because life is too short.
–Becky Lu

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I’m sure you’ve heard this setup before: I’ve always been fat, family gatherings were always based around food, self-esteem problems that I overcompensated for with a boastful disposition, food was associated with comfort and shelter.

As I grew up, the problem got more and more out of hand, and I kind of just… let it. Family members and friends would reach out, with messages that ranged from the subtle “well, one day you’ll be fit, right?” to the less subtle “it’s time to lose weight, it’s not cute anymore”. None of it worked, of course, and anyone who did the noble, great and loving thing by sharing their concern got forever blacklisted, and from then on out any time I’d go to hang out with them I’d have this dread in the back of my mind that they were going to bring it up again. I started flaking on friends and family when the fears/delusions would get too much. I guess that’s how anxiety works.

Zeb, however, would never say anything. For the longest time I would wait for him to, seeing how he’s the only one in the family whose health and fitness are directly tied to his life goals and career, but God bless him, he never did. He wouldn’t hide talking about his fitness, of course, and he wouldn’t ever hold back, he just never breached that topic, which I always appreciated. It made him “safe”, and it was around then that I started to decide that going through his program and process was how I wanted to get in shape.

I told Zeb I was finally ready to join his gym.

We decided my first session would be on April 1st, because what more fitting a day for the big jokester to start finally taking his life seriously? It was so perfectly poetic we couldn't pass up on the opportunity. I found some gym clothes online (this really weird space age stretchy not-cotton-not-rubber material), suited up and headed out. That first day I was all heart, muscling through the fear and the early morning drive (still very much an LA traffic noob) and made it to his gym.We didn't work out that first day; at one point, we walked to the bathroom to kind of see if I could make it there and back. I did, though I was huffing and puffing. It was a subtle reminder of where I was; not incapable of movement but certainly not used to it, and not even a big fan of it.

That first day, we mainly focused on education on both fitness and nutrition. I was both surprised and relieved by this, as my quivering body was still so scared of exertion. Zeb took a very scientific approach to fitness which I enjoyed immensely; seeing the numbers, the formulas, the theories, and the research he'd put into this put his passion into focus for me; he wasn't just some buff maniac proselytizing to the masses, he was a honed and trained assassin, a master of his craft, and I was in good hands.

The workouts started the very next session, and my excitement levels just barely edged out my nervousness. Though I didn't believe them for one bit, hearing so many warnings of what I was to expect from concerned friends were a little disheartening. Sure enough, though, my cousin didn't disappoint: the workouts were simple and clean, easy and, most importantly, functional. Things I'd do in every day life, quantified into short workout bursts that would get my heart running and my muscles awakening. Sitting down and standing up. Pulling myself to standing from a leaning position. Lifting things at my side. Walking. Essential life skills that my body had forgotten were necessary, shortened into quick exercises.

The thrill was magical. Being able to move in ways that I no longer thought myself capable of felt victorious; not only was I realizing I was strong, but I was realizing that i had been for some time now, I just didn't acknowledge it. I learned that I was capable of doing a lot more than I thought I could... and, by the next session, I was capable of even more than that. Day in, day out, three days a week, I was pushing my limits and realizing just what I was capable of. This is going to sound melodramatic, but I felt like Arthur pulling the sword form the stone; it was heavy, and it was burdensome, but it was my destiny to be this strong, and I had finally come into my birthright: a body that was mine to rule, not a prison to live in. Just reliving those first few sessions in my head is giving me shivers. It was nothing short of manifesting my true destiny.

I've since gone back home to the North Bay to see my friends and family for the first time since Christmas. I was worried what the folk would have to say; though there was 9% less of me since the last time they saw me, I didn't look much smaller. Instead, I made up for it in showing my new abilities (read: moving around) and it really had an effect; everyone told me how light I was on my feet, how I could walk farther, stand quicker, how I radiated this sense of confidence and victory that they normally would chalk up to bravado. Better still, friends reached out to me, in person and in private, to let me know that they're going to start their own fitness plans, and get their own lives back in order... inspired by me. It was a momentous time in my life, being the inspiration instead of the inspired, and I'd rarely been so proud.

Bit by bit, I'm learning to love myself, and though you've all played a part in getting me here, I've got one person in particular who's helping me realize my destiny, and he's my brother, my cousin, my hero, my fellow Spartan, and my homie for life.

Thanks, Zeb.
–Jonathan Cordero

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The UNcivilized Body

Here’s how we work:

Holy Grail

12-Month Program

Top Features

  • Individualized Weekly  Programming 
  • Weekly Coaching Call (25 min each)
  • Unlimited Video Reviews/Feedback
  • 8x Nutrition Consult Calls 
  • Quarterly 1-Week Food Delivery 
  • $250 Supplement Purchase (after initial consultation)
  • Subject Matter Expert Call with an Image Consultant
  • Personalized Grocery List and 1st Month Meal Planning
  • Recipes
  • How To Outfit Your Home Gym
Total "Holy Grail" Cost:



*12 payments of $2,000. Automatically billed on a monthly basis.


6-Month Program

Top Features

  • Individualized Weekly Programming
  • Bi-weekly Coaching Calls (25 min each)
  • Daily Programming/ Check-In Emails
  • Monthly Group Specialty Call with Zeb
  • 4x Nutrition Consult Calls
  • 1x Week Video Technique Analysis
  • 1x Week Food Delivery Lunch and Dinner 
  • 1x Supplement Consult
Total "Intermediate" Cost:



*6 payments of $1,670. Automatically billed on a monthly basis.


3-Month Program

Top Features

  • Individualized Weekly Programming

  • Bi-weekly Coaching Calls (25 min each)

  • 2x Nutrition Consult Calls

Total "Basic" Cost:



*3 payments of $1,670. Automatically billed on a monthly basis.

Looking for more?

We’ve got you covered!

Holy Grail Hardcore

12-Month Program

Top Features

  • Zeb lives with you for the first week (Sunday through Saturday)
    • Full 24/7 immersion — Zeb wakes you up every morning and mentally preps you for the day. 
    • Real time, in-person 1:1 training and instruction during workouts.
    • Real time, in-person video analysis and feedback of movements post-workout.
    • In-person grocery shopping and meal prep, 100% customized for your tastes.
    • In-person nightly psychological prep, zeroing in on your goals, vision, and how to create new mental blueprints and habits so you never regress to default again.
  • 1x Weekly Coaching Call
  • Unlimited Video Reviews/Feedback
  • 8x Nutrition Consult Calls
  • Quarterly 1-Week Food Delivery 
  • $250 Supplement Purchase (after initial consultation)
  • Subject Matter Expert Call with an Image Consultant
  • Personalized Grocery List
  • 1st Month Meal Planning
  • Recipes
  • How To Outfit Your Home Gym

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