What isUNcivilized?

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a movement of one million men who express their masculinity through the Primal and the Divine.

We are dedicated to ending the unnecessary suffering in men to end the suffering caused by men.

— Traver Boehm
Founder of the UNcivilized Movement

What We Do

We provide men with a supportive community, and the tools and skills needed to live out raw, real, and wildly relational lives on their own terms.

We want to inspire men to get out of their comfort zones. To feel a call back to adventure, to face their fears, and to love deeply.

To embrace their masculinity in a world that would shame them for it.
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How We Do It

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Worldwide Community

Our online and in-person  groups give men access to the power of brotherhood and community.

Media & Resources

Traver Boehm’s book Man UNcivilized, his blog posts, and the podcast provide men with permission and the necessary tools to evolve.

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Live Events

Our in-person workshops and events create the opportunity for deep learning and life-changing experiences.

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Online Training

Our courses & programs empower men to get started and sharpen the blade on their men’s work journey.

Our Story

There was a time, just a few years ago, when men had to choose between two outdated and broken options…

Be the Lone Wolf and die ALONE with a chest full of unexpressed emotions and a wake of broken relationships behind him. A man who thinks the feminine is weakness and weakness is unbearable. He misunderstands that within his weaknesses lie his GREATEST STRENGTHS.

Or… Be the Sensitive New Age “Nice Guy” and have a million bestest girlfriends, now living as the wolf in sheep’s clothing. A man who thinks the masculine is terrifying and is forced to deny every aspect of his own manhood. If you are a “Nice Guy”— you are living someone else’s life.

Half-sheep, half-lion

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With only two options to choose from, we men thrived in these areas:

  • Alcoholism
  • Obesity
  • Suicide
  • Porn Addiction
  • Murder
  • Sexual Assault
  • Hiding, cheating, robbing, stealing, abuse, subjugation, playing small, and being STUCK.

But the truth wasn’t in these two options, was it? I knew it. Most men knew it. We just couldn’t find it.

And until you have your own back, you can’t truly have anybody else’s.

What if there was an option for men to break out of their caged lives and become free?

To become a Good Man, a Strong Man, a WHOLE MAN.

The men in our current civilized society have a problem and the solution won’t be found in that same civilized world. I felt called to create a solution for men to break free of all the pains the civilized world created.

It was time to EMPOWER MEN to be UNcivilized.

The UNcivilized Man...

Is Unapologetically Male. Dangerous but not a danger. Makes still his mind, makes savage his body. Knows his gifts grow in the garden of his wounds. Practices presence and performance. Honors the men before him, the women who bore him, and the children who will inherit his Earth. Has equal and easy access to his head, heart, and balls. Lives, by the rule — there are no rules — but there is responsibility. Loves fiercely, openly, and without reservation. Knows strength without love is tyranny. Knows love without strength is victimhood.

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Now what if you’re reading all of this, it speaks to you, but you’re not a man?

Welcome to YOUR UNcivilized life as well.

What started as education, workshops, and mindset for men to embody, has quickly been adopted by just as many women. And for good reason.

Living the life you want, on your terms, without apology — knows no gender.

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If men are handed a confusing, ever-changing set of requirements to fit into modern culture, women have an exponentially larger hurdle to overcome before experiencing FREEDOM and SAFETY in our world.

Everyday more and more women reach out to me to say they too consider themselves proudly and unapologetically—UNcivilized. That and they won’t be accepting a man into their lives who isn’t cut from the same cloth.

It’s this exact reason why I’m creating courses, offerings, apparel and workshops for women as well!

If you are a man, now you know. If you are a woman, your men need to know. You know you have a third option and only one real choice.

One celebrating your STRENGTH, your LEADERSHIP, and YOUR POWER.

One requiring your responsibility, kindness, and HEART.

Now you KNOW you can be the man your CHILDREN look up to, your partner RESPECTS, and most importantly — the man YOU are PROUD OF.

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A man living his PURPOSE, is in service to love, community, and leaving this world a better place than he found it.

Start living a life of authenticity—

An UNcivilized Man.

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The Book

“Man UNcivilized” is the guidebook on everything you didn’t know you needed to know about men.

Learn More
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Our Community

The Nation is our global brotherhood, where UNcivilized men learn, grow, and support each other.

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Online Training

Learn how to claim your power, hone your vision, and own every room you walk into.

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Ready to go deeper?

We’ve got more ways to UNcivilize yourself!

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Live Events

Our workshops, live courses, and retreats create the opportunity for deep learning and life-changing experiences.

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In-Person Groups

We have 30+ in-person men’s groups worldwide, and more on the way!

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Men’s Coaching

Become the man you know you can be with the support of a certified UNcivilized Men’s Coach.

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Our Founder

UNcivilized was founded by Traver Boehm in 2017.

Traver knows men. How they think, and what’s behind their behavior. He is the author of the books Today I Rise and Man UNcivilized. He’s a two-time TEDx speaker, men’s coach, and the founder of the UNcivilized Men’s Movement. 

Traver has helped men all over the world to become UNcivilized as they wake up to the power of their hearts, the brilliance of their bodies, and the wisdom of their souls so they can blaze their own path by uniquely blending both the primal and the divine within them.

He is dedicated to doing his part to help end the suffering in men, and the suffering caused by men, by guiding them through their own journey into an actualized version of masculinity.

You can learn more about Traver here.

Traver Boehm

Watch the Ted Talk

Why We Need More UNcivilized Men

TEDx Santa Barbara

Traver Boehm doesn’t believe the modern man is lost, only that he has become painfully overly civilized.

Our Team

We’re staffed by an amazing team and supported by our awesome volunteers from around the world.

You can meet our team here and check out our local in-person teams and volunteers here.

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What people say about UNcivilized:

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One day I picked up a copy of a book with a gorilla on the cover and my life has never been the same since. I know this because I’m still alive and I’m still married, two things I’m not sure I’d be having not found Traver and his work.

–S.L., Boulder, CO

I use Traver’s work so much as a mental health provider for teen males. It’s saving their lives.

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Traver’s podcast and book have inspired me to shamelessly step into my place as a man, as a husband, and as a father with courage, grace, strength, and humility.

His work reminds me not to let society put me in a box or tell me what kind of man I should be.

UNcivilized has forever changed the trajectory of my life and shown me the power available to us all in genuine relationships with other MEN. Jump on in my brothers...you will not regret it!

– Josh Mercer, BC, Canada

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The UNcivilized Nation and Traver’s book have opened my mind to the man I could be that’s been inside for so long. I’m moving forward on my path to being a more complete man, husband, father, and friend.

I am a 44-year-old widow raising three teenage sons. My late husband was unapologetically UNcivilized. Traver’s book puts into words how I’ve been trying to raise my sons the last 4 years. I am a champion of UNcivilized men, including the teenagers I teach daily.

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What is UNcivilized?

UNcivilized is an international men’s movement dedicated to shifting the landscape of masculinity by supporting men on their unique journey to full expression. We’re men who’ve looked at the civilized world’s epidemics of unexpressed pain, addiction, and loneliness and said, “No thank you!”

We want you and all men to be as strong physically, emotionally, and spiritually. To do this we know you need to be surrounded by like-minded men who are doing the same. As a company, our mission is to end the unnecessary suffering in men as well as the suffering caused by men. Our mission is a big one.

Who is UNcivilized for?

UNcivilized is for men at all stages of their journey. From you young men coming of age and into your masculinity, to our community of Elders sharing the wisdom of your lives with us and the world. All are welcome here.

We additionally have events and offerings for you women interested in and currently living an UNcivilized lifestyle.

Is UNcivilized work just watered-down therapy?

While our work here at UNcivilized has a very strong therapeutic foundation, thanks to our Chief Elder and Men’s Initiation Facilitator, Duey Freeman LPC, we are not a therapeutic organization.

We’re here to help you move forward in your life with our mentoring and coaching, community and accountability. With all of our clients, we strive to be responsible, trauma-informed, leaders but leave the heavy lifting of healing of trauma to licensed professionals. The good news is that when you come to our retreats you get the opportunity to work directly with many of the world's most sought-after men’s therapists.

What is the best way for me to get started with UNcivilized?

If you haven’t read or listened to Man UNcivilized – start HERE.

We also offer numerous online and in-person programs throughout the year and around the world. Whether you are looking for the best podcast in the world to jam to, 1-1 men’s coaching, an online community, joining an in-person men’s group, start an in-person men’s group, take a self-led online course, or join us for a profoundly life-changing retreat experience, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re still unsure of the best place for you to start working with us, shoot us an email at [email protected] and our team is happy to help guide you in the right direction.

How is UNcivilized different from other Men’s Groups / Organizations?

One word, we’re RELATIONALLY-focused.

We’re not afraid to say it, and we’ve got the proof to back it up, we’re the best to ever do it. We’ve been helping men from around the world kick ass in their daily lives, heal from their past, quit drinking, quit watching endless hours of porn, Kill The Nice Guy inside of them, and find real quality brotherhood since 2017. And doing all of that again with an overarching emphasis on RELATIONSHIP.

We’re not going to yell at you like you’re pretending to be a Navy SEAL, nor do you need a tab of acid to understand what we’re talking about. We take a grounded, holistic, and humanistic approach to all of our work.

Are UNcivilized programs offered online or in-person?


We offer live and in-person men’s groups, workshops, and retreats. We also offer live online, and self-led courses, 1-1 and group virtual coaching, online masterclasses, live podcast recordings with special guest speakers, and of course there’s our international online men’s community, The UNcivilized Nation.

How can I fit UNcivilized into my busy schedule?

If your goal is to become a better man, you will make the time. Around here we all wake up early, stay up late, listen to calls or replays on our drives into and home from work. We all get the same 24 hours in a day, it’s up to you what you do with them.

What we’ve found after working with thousands of men is that there will come a day when the pain of not doing this work will be greater than the pain of beginning. Unfortunately, that’s often a catastrophic day for that man because he’s lost something important to him, but it doesn’t have to be. A year from now you’ll wish you started today. This we know.

Does UNcivilized have any religious affilation?

Not at all. We don’t care who you pray to or who you don’t. We want good men who are interested in bettering themselves, being there for their families and communities, and supporting their brothers.

Are gay men welcome?

Absolutely. Just like our religious views, we don’t care who you love. We have a number of gay men in The UNcivilized Nation who are crushing their goals and supporting the hell out of their loved ones. They’ll be the first to tell you – the least interesting thing about them is their sexual orientation – and we agree.

UNcivilized men come in all shapes, sizes, and ways of expressing themselves. We want good men and we have them.

Do you have programs for teens and young men?

We’re well aware that a big way to change the future of masculinity is to help young men start living out healthy and UNcivilized masculinity right from the start. It’s ALWAYS easier to teach a new practitioner in any discipline than it is to try to correct old habits, so we’ve got programs designed specifically with young men in mind! Our Director of Coaching Mike Danson would love to chat with you 1-1 about how we can help you as a young man, or with parents/guardians interested in helping their son grow up with an open heart and a ferocity for life.

Is there anything I should do before beginning with UNcivilized?

Not a thing. Just like the gym, there’s no need to get in shape before showing up for your first workout. That’s our job. And as past gym owners we also know – waiting to do this inevitably means, you’ll never join.

Come to us as you are whether you’re on rock bottom or need someone to listen to you share how overwhelmed you are at how amazing your life is. We’re here for you all and all of you is welcome.

What is men’s work and why do I need it?

Imagine waking up at 40 and hearing about fitness for the first time and figuring out that you now have the ability to change your body and therefore everything you do with it. The feeling that there’s now a path in front of you that will change every relationship in your life, especially the one with the man in the mirror – is the exact feeling you’ll get when you encounter men’s work for the first time.

That’s the most common response we get when men first learn about men’s work. That and, “I wish I’d known about this in my twenties, it would have saved me from a divorce or three...”

Men’s work is a set of practices to get you into your body and connected to your heart where you can truly experience your power, your potency, and your purpose. All while keeping you connected to your empathy, compassion, and kindness.