UNcivilized Events:




with Traver Boehm and Leila Dylla

ELEVATE is a two day online immersion, focused around conscious relating, how to find and create a conscious relationship whether you’re in a relationship or not. 
We will take you through processes of self exposure and rewiring so that you have the skill set to regulate your nervous system, TRUST YOURSELF, align with love, and speak your truth with confidence and poise. 
We will explore masculine and feminine dynamics, and how to flow between the two in an empowered way. We will identify our truths, and practice communicating them clearly. We will dive deep into boundaries, pleasure, intuition, and God.

September 17–18

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The UNcivilized Men’s Initiation

A reintroduction to the Primal and the Divine

with Traver Boehm, Duey Freeman and Michael Gay

An immersive 3-day in person retreat. We’re taking a group of men just like you on a personal journey to become the man the world failed to teach you how to be.

With the craziness of today’s world. It’s imperative to learn how to be a beacon of safety for yourself and those around you.

You will free yourself from past traumas and deeply buried pain so you can breathe again. And confront the ways you’re numbing, avoiding, and running from what scares you the most — YOUR POWER.

October 21–24
Jefferson, CO, USA

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with Traver Boehm, Jeremy Goldberg and Leila Dylla

A perfect opportunity to close out the craziness of 2021 and join us in lush Costa Rica to bring in 2022 on your terms.

Imagine a curated experience while immersed in nature with 3 world-class coaches, designed for you to experience deep healing, calm your soul, and crack your heart wide open. Imagine a New Year’s Eve gathering that honors who you are and how you plan to show up for yourself in the months and years ahead. 

Join us for six days and seven nights next to the beach in luxury accommodations. In the perfect setting with twenty other truth-seekers. People who are on the same path of growth, expansion, and adventure —just like you.

December 27–January 3
Dominical, Costa Rica

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