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UNcivilized Men's Coaching

If I could go back and tell my twenty-year-old self one piece of advice it would be:

Hire a coach.

As a professional athlete I had more coaches than I could count with zero apology and zero shame or guilt.

Yet as a man, the idea of hiring my first men’s coach was terrifying to me.

Why? My stupid ego still told me I could figure things out all by myself. I was deep in the lone wolf paradigm. What a waste.

Traver Boehm

What men are saying

Jordon has the gift of listening, not only to the words, but that which is not being said and hiding behind the words.

He was able to push past the branches and guide me to the root of my obstacles and walk with me as I overcame them.

His background in psychotherapy and trauma empowers him with a phenomenal toolkit that is rare for men’s coaches.

– Jonathan S.

In working with Jordon over the past year or so, I have been able to identify the gaps in my thought processes.

Jordon has always been clear and concise with his coaching advice. By utilizing his own life experiences as an example, I have been able to better reflect on my own experiences, which have significantly impacted my development.

Jordon is an incredible resource and has a wealth of knowledge that would greatly benefit anyone getting an opportunity to work with him.

– Chris A.

Coaching with Joshua has had a profound impact on my life. Our work together has helped me get clearer on my life’s purpose and shine a light on challenging areas I need to lean it to.

He’s an exceptional coach who knows when to ask, reflect, share and challenge. He’s also in your corner every step of the way. I feel recognized when I work with Joshua and wish I had started to even sooner.

– Jack V.


If you are like I was, how often have you let six months slip by without making real progress on reaching a goal?

An entire year? Two years? Five years?

How frustrating is it to pick your head up after months of “good intentions” and realize you’re no further towards your goal than you were before.

How devastating is it to realize you’ve actually slid backwards from bringing that goal to life.

How awful is it to continually lie to yourself that next week will somehow be different. That shucks, the stars will align and magically your challenges will just disappear.

They won’t.

Trust me, I get it. There’s a reason I fought in a cage in my thirties — to release all the angst I had from spinning my wheels so much in my twenties.

You don’t have to do what I and so many men before you have done:

  • You don’t have to feel like you’re wasting your wildly precious time and energy and your life is slipping by with no purpose.
  • You don’t have to feel like shit because you’re all on your own to make things happen for your life.
  • You don’t have to lose relationships because you’re out of touch with your emotions and trying desperately to be The Nice Guy.
  • You don’t have to get divorced, lose half your 401k, and become a single dad all because no one ever taught you the basics of communication.
  • You don’t have to resort to numbing yourself with booze, weed, and porn day in/day out because you’re angry or depressed at where you find yourself right now.
Two men conversing with one another


But you do have to take a step forward and accept some guidance and support — from another man.

I know it’s scary to admit you don’t have it all figured out when that’s the societal expectation of you as a man. Get over that shit, doing so is a game changer.

I get it, it takes courage to reach out — I’ve done it myself. It takes the warrior spirit in you coming alive and saying:

“Fuck this, I’ve finally had enough and I’m calling in an expert. I’m more interested in my results than I am my bullshit story.”

“I’m more interested in creating an awesome life than I am lugging around the same tired old story I have for ages.”

It’s time to start advocating for you.

And letting someone who’s been where you are be there for you.

two men supporting each other

It’s time to step into becoming the man you know you can be but society hasn’t taught you to be.

Two men hugging

What men are saying

Joshua has helped me resolve major roadblocks in my life time and again.

He’s extremely good at listening and piecing together information from past conversations to offer mind-blowing insights.

I’ve been able to make great strides professionally as a result of the sessions Ive had with Joshua.

If youre looking to make a change, hes your guy.

– Pramit B.

I am grateful beyond words.

The words Jordon shared with me and the perspective he left with me during our session left an impact beyond measure.

I thank him for guiding me to find that confidence and trust in myself to pursue this endeavour.

 – A.C.

Joshua created a safe space for me to unpack my emotional chaos.

I appreciated his ability to really dive deep and objectively dissect the elements of my situation that were creating stuck points preventing me from moving forward.

He made me feel normal in a situation where I truly felt broken. Thank you for your supportive, compassionate and insightful presence in a time where I truly needed someone to put their hand on my shoulder and walk with me through a very hard time.

– Jordan W.


It’s time to take a deep breath, be brutally honest about the fact that if you could have done it on your own you would have done it already.

Take another deep breath and fill out the form below.

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Welcome to the best decision of your life.

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