The UNcivilized Nation

The brotherhood of like-minded men committed to explosive growth and expansive consciousness.

The brotherhood of like-minded men committed to explosive growth and expansive consciousness.

What is The UNcivilized Nation?

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Who’s in the Nation?

We have over 300 men in an intentional community of supportive, UNcivilized brotherhood.

Meet some of our brothers:

Nate Crawford

Father, UNcivilized Nation Group Leader and member, US Air Force Veteran, Astrodynamics Engineer

“The UNcivilized Nation has surpassed all of my expectations after joining. The amount of honest and sincere brotherhood I have experienced is exactly what I needed; the Nation is a safe place for men to do the work and grow together.”

Derek DiRisio

Hospitality Ambassador, Men’s Group Leader, Musician, Artist, Writer, Runner, Student to Life

“Joining the Nation amid the pandemic multiplicatively increased my support system. Knowing I have hands on my back has allowed me the privilege of building and rebuilding my life alongside others who care simply because we’re fellow men. There’s always someone to connect with meaningfully.”

Mark Sylvester, Elder

Sherpa, Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Producer, TEDx Curator, Chef, Podcaster

“Being a part of the Nation has provided me with the opportunity to share deep conversations about what’s most important in life. The Elder Council is something I wish I had access to when I was 15.”


Men, we are in more pain now than ever before.

We are taught to either be the “Lone Wolf” and do it all alone, or to be the Sensitive New Age “Nice Guy”.

But the only thing I’ve seen come from these two options is pain:

  • Divorce, because we don’t know how to lead our relationships with kindness and strength
  • Drinking, drugs... Addictions
  • Suicide, when we think it’s our only option
  • Porn addiction, so we can feel good for two fucking seconds
  • The list goes on…
Half-sheep, half-wolf
Traver with the Man UNcivilized book

One day I had an idea.

What if there was a new option? One the civilized world wasn’t interested in. One that worked. One that honored who men were and yet gave them space to grow into who they needed to become.

In a fury I reverse-hacked a code. An Ethos.

NOT what we have been taught. NOT the civilized way of being. The OPPOSITE in fact—An UN-civilized set of tenets that when followed gave men the permission we needed to FEEL, to WAKE UP, and to TRANSFORM.

And then it happened.


A book that stopped both MEN and WOMEN dead in their tracks.

Every morning I woke up to messages that brought me to my knees. Stories of men who’d radically changed who they were as FATHERS, HUSBANDS, BROTHERS and MEN.

But one question kept haunting me…

“Hey I read your book, but what do I do now? How do I find other men following this path?”

Haunted me because I had no answer. There was no tribe, no team…

Continually stumbling forward, what started as a Facebook page for like-minded men is now hundreds of men all over the world who call each other brother as members of:

The UNcivilized Nation Logo
Traver with the Man UNcivilized book

Why the hell should you listen to me?

Because I’ve been there.

Right where you are now. I lost a pregnancy, my marriage, and my business partnership all within weeks of each other. I’ve been in pain from living the way that society told me a man should live.

Then I said fuck it, and started a radical social experiment. I spent the next 12 months as if it were my last year to live, aptly naming it “The Year to Live Project.”

Highlights of the year include:

  • Volunteering with the dying as a hospice worker
  • Meditating for 28 days STRAIGHT in a Guatemalan hut in complete isolation and pitch-black darkness 
  • Living in the frigid Utah wilderness with ONLY a knife, a water bottle, and a blanket for a WHOLE month

Trust me, I’m hard-headed and need the extremes to wake me up—you don’t have to go that far though. It radically changed my life and now I’m using the lessons I learned to help men like you become UNcivilized WITHOUT having to go to those lengths.


When you join The Nation, you’ll get:

  • A small team of your very own, led by one of my personally-trained team leaders.
  • Monthly Zoom calls with subject matter experts in all the areas men need to master: Mindset, Money, Sex, Health, Spirituality, Family, and more. Let’s double your income, turn your bedroom into a dojo, and make sure you’re thriving as a man. Calls are held at 12pm ET.
  • Monthly Zoom Live with me, specifically on the path of UNcivilizing yourself. This is your way of having access to the source directly, saving you years of trial and error while you build the life of your dreams. Calls are held at 12pm ET.
  • Monthly in-house challenges for you to push your limits, create camaraderie with other men and flex your competitive muscle. Men love challenges, let’s use them to build lives other men only dream of.
  • Private community platform where you can get your questions answered from me and other men on the path. This is a place to talk about your challenges, share your wins, and congregate with the other men of your tribe.



Zach Thorp

Father, Husband, Son, Brother, 1+ Year into Men’s Work, Finance Manager, Recovering Nice Guy

“I joined The UNcivilized Nation a little over a year ago. I knew I needed community and desired to grow.

I was scared of joining because I couldn’t fathom other men supporting me, not judging me, and saying they’ll have my back. But they have, I’ve been able to show up being authentic, and been met where I am, and supported.

The Nation has helped me stop feeling like I’m at the effect of circumstances, and instead tap into my ability to express boundaries, convey my needs, and be OK when everything says I shouldn’t be.
I wouldn’t be on the path I am now without joining The Nation, taking the Kill the Nice Guy course, and leaning on my brothers in there.”

Joel Love

Father, Firefighter, Martial Artist, Recovering Nice Guy

“For most of my life I have struggled with anger and frustration, feeling stifled and lost. I have had great internal conflict, feeling this anger, a lot of it at myself, but feeling guilty for feeling it.

Being part of The UNcivilized Nation has helped me by surrounding me with like-minded men, also on the path of better understanding themselves so as to better serve those around them.

These men have helped me understand that prioritizing my desire to be liked is destructive for me and those around me. I’ve got a lot more work to do, but I have the support of some good men to do it. ”

Kit Bargmann

Former Firefighter/EMT, Personal Trainer, CrossFit Coach, Mortgage Loan Originator, Nerd Disguised as a Meathead and Recovering Nice Guy

“This movement has brought the necessary changes my soul has been seeking.

It gave me the ability to look at my life and see exactly where I abandoned myself and taught me how to not only forgive myself but also how to begin healing those parts I didn’t want to look at, let alone let anyone else see in me.

It grabbed me by the heart (albeit sometimes even by my balls) and dragged the BEST of my masculine energy out of me, showed it to me and embedded deep in my chest. I “knew” I was before, and I’m proud to say I know who I am healing to be. Proud FOR (not of) every man that takes this journey to make the world a better place.”



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Traver Boehm

Traver Boehm

Traver Boehm knows men. How they think, what’s behind their behavior, and most importantly — their unique challenges in the modern landscape.

In 2016 after losing a pregnancy, his marriage, and his business partnership all within weeks of each other, he created a radical year-long social experiment to answer the question, “Who am I as a man?”

Traver is the the founder of the UNcivilized Men’s Movement, the fastest growing men’s movement in the world. He is the author of “Today I Rise”, and “Man UNcivilized” as well as a two-time TEDx speaker, men’s coach and podcaster.

Drawing upon an eclectic background ranging from professional bodyguard and Mixed Martial Arts to a Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and meditation, Traver counsels men, women, and couples on how to better understand men’s mental health and relationship difficulties.

With a passion for people and a unique lens through which to view the human experience, Traver is a highly sought after teacher in the fields of consciousness, relationship, and personal development.

Check out his amazing TEDx talk by clicking here.

Instagram: @traverboehm


Do I Have To Join For Any Length Of Time?

Not at all. You can join for a month and leave anytime with just an email. We don’t do long term contracts or penalize men for leaving once they’ve gotten what they need. That being said, most Nation men have been with us for years now!

Is there any religious affiliation to this group?

Negative. We don’t care who you pray to or don’t. We just want you to be a good man who’s interested in bettering himself.

Is there an age requirement to join?

We have men in their early 20’s all the way up to men in their 70’s. If you’re under 18, we’ll just have to hop on the phone and make sure this is the right group for you.

Do you allow gay men in The Nation?

Absolutely. Like our religious views, we don’t care who you fall in love with as long as they’re a consenting adult. We have a number of gay men in The Nation who are kicking ass at life and will be the first to tell you the least interesting thing about their lives is their sexual orientation. We agree. UNcivilized men come in all shapes, sizes, and manners of being. We just want good men and we have them.

Are there in-person meetings? Or is this only an online team?

Both. We have 15 live groups all over the world at the moment and are growing fast! We’re also starting to host workshops specifically for men who are interested in running their own city's/town’s UNcivilized Men’s Team.

Is there anything weird or culty about The Nation?

Absolutely…we have a t-shirt that we’ll send you for free when you join. We hope you wear it to the gym. Rumor has it that’s how cults start, but to be honest, that’s as far as we’ve gotten. All the cult leaders we know have long flowing hair, so Dave and I are kind of excluded from that camp.

We will have you doing some push ups and taking cold showers for a few weeks during your orientation period, and you’ll find that men you don’t even know are willing to reach out and help you with your struggles and support you in both good and challenging times. That may feel weird at first, but that’s as weird as we get.




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In the Nation, I found, for the first time in my life, a place where I can show up authentically without fear of judgement or criticism. A place where I share openly about my struggles and victories, where I receive genuine support from men who are on the same path.
—D.C., Bend, OR

The Nation has provided me with an open door. An open door to be myself. An open door to express my masculinity. An open door to ask the questions I didn't feel safe asking anywhere else. The Nation has opened up the door for more possibilities in my life than I ever thought possible.
—E.D., Des Moines IA

The Nation is a place of freedom. A place to be what I need to be. A Man alongside Men. It is a gathering of real men, men who have the balls to step outside the conventional world and live UNcivilized.
—M.H., Lethbridge, AUS

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I’m thankful for an open, no judgment space to share my struggles and wins. Show up and do the work, the wins will come, but you have to be here.
—Z.M., Mansfield, OH

This group has been a huge blessing for me! Just listening to the stories that everyone is going through helps me feel like I'm not alone. Being able to express how I feel and knowing that I'm going to receive quality feedback and support is a great feeling to have.
—N.O., Wheat Ridge, CO

The Nation checks my bullshit, challenges me to make the most of the present, forces me to question the easy path, sits with me when I’m right down in the dirt, celebrates with me when I’m not. It’s a global band of brothers I’m privileged to belong to.
—C.C., London, U.K.

I've always had to be a one-man army before, fighting the battles of life alone. This group gives me like-minded men who will support and defend that fight, so we all achieve victory.
—G.B., Philadelphia, PA

This nation has allowed me to gain a community of like-minded men, who have zero interests in anything other than helping each other heal!
—T.J., Compton, CA

I have a global tribe of men who I can trust and know that they got my back just like I got theirs. A band of brothers on whom I can lean on, learn from and share with.
—H.K., The Hague, NL

One of the best decisions that I've made in 40 years of life. If you are seeking brotherhood, knowledge, expansion, peace, awareness, heart, leadership, and so much more, seek no more. This IS it!
—R.W., Denver, CO


*These results are not guaranteed, and are different for every person.