The UNcivilized Podcast

| Apr 16, 2020

Aphrodisiacs, Sexual Desires and Why NOW Is The Time to Show Up for Women with Jamie Thompson

Listen to the UNcivilized Podcast:

Now more than ever, women need men to show up for them. As most of us are stuck at home, there are a lot of different things running through our minds as men right now. Whether you’re in a relationship and living with your partner or single and living alone, this episode with holistic sex and intimacy coach Jamie Thompson will help you to realign with your own sexual practice. She shares how men can focus on their relationships during this time. She dives into how to develop a sex practice that is about more than friction. She also gives some insight into the things you can do to cultivate an earth-shattering sex life.

About Jamie Thompson

Jamie is on a mission to create empowered, liberated people who are connected to their sexual power source.

She supports high powered couples and influential individuals in awakening the most underestimated personal development resource that exists today: their sex life.

She does this by teaching people the tools to get their intimate needs deeply and specifically met and how to quickly navigate conflict with open, loving communication.

Connect with Jamie

Instagram: @holisticsexcoach


The Multi-Orgasmic Man: Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know, on Amazon

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What You’ll Hear

3:01 What Jamie does as a holistic sex and intimacy coach
4:23 What is being asked of men right now that they don’t know
6:09 How Jamie feels like as a woman when she has authentic masculine support
8:18 Why now is a great time for men to show up for women
9:49 The difference between our physical, emotional, erotic, mental and spiritual bodies
12:50 Why the person with desires needs to make the first move
15:14 Bringing curiosity and grace to your conversations with romantic partners
17:30 Her recommendations for people who are stuck at home with partners and having relationship difficulties
21:31 Why now is the time for men to step up
22:32 Her advice for men who want to cultivate the energy of prioritizing their relationship
27:12 How men need to express themselves to other men
30:38 Why you need to learn to be okay with being alone
32:08 Developing a sexual practice that is about more than just friction
34:45 What two things you want to cultivate when creating an earth-shattering sex life
36:53 Cultivating sensitivity as a man
39:14 Learning to develop the “heart-cock” connection
40:35 How to approach your partner in a way that’s received well about sexual desires during this time of great fear in the world


“Presence is the greatest aphrodisiac. Presence is the thing that makes me feel as a woman that I am being held and there’s something safe to lean into.”

“Asking the right questions will get you different answers.”

“Whoever has the awareness or desire is accountable to make the first move.”

“Women are more relational creatures and men are more problem-solving creatures.”

“Women need you right now.”

“Connection and intimacy are really what matters.”

“Cultivating a sexual practice is a wonderful thing to do during this time.”

“Bring attention and curiosity into your body.”

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