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| Oct 28, 2021

Dene Maria Sebastiana — How men’s work will blow your heart open.

Dene Maria Sebastiana

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It's okay to have feelings.
It's okay to cry.
The only thing that is not okay is to hide what you feel just because "men don't cry."
We live in a society that taught men to be this stereotype of strong and dominant macho men. But, what does it mean to be a man? There is no single concept; there are millions, so do not cling to one.
When starting his way through the man's work, today's guest Dene Maria Sebastiana discovered that he had a wound that he had never healed; a father wound. A life-changing initiation (according to Dene's words) led him to help men open their hearts, heal and live fully.
Today you will hear this pleasant conversation where we will develop topics such as man work and everything related to it. We will touch on an important point, such as pain and why we should allow ourselves to feel it.
(Dennis Mead-Shikaly) was born and raised in New York, and now lives in Tucson, AZ. He is a soul coach, teacher, facilitator, shaman, and leader emeritus.
Dene works with people who truly desire an in-depth look at their lives, and who are willing to break through their old, unconsciously embedded patterns. The intention is to integrate, evolve, and live fully in these radically changing times. Dene brings deep caring and compassion along with a multi-level capacity to get to the heart of the matter. He believes that the alignment of head-heart-gut-sex/creativity will always lead to right action: clear, compassionate, effective.
[2:25] Meet Dene.
[5:03] An initiation that changed his life forever.
[9:29] The inner work affects the outer life.
[18:59] Toxic masculinity.
[24:26] We need a cultural awakening.
[29:17] Learning to distinguish feelings.
[34:03] Two years of celibacy.
[36:50] Man challenges before and after covid.
[41:40] Why do we need more men's circles?
[47:28] A hope placed on men.
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