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| Apr 01, 2021

From rehab to rebirth to leading men with Ben Goresky

Ben Goresky

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We are born male, but a proper role model does wonder for us to fully become men.

In today's episode, we will talk about masculinity, what it means, how it develops, maturity in masculinity and why the highest percentage of mass shootings in the United States are caused mainly by men.

We will listen to the story of improvement and transformation of today's guest, Ben Goresky, a man who at the age of 15 went to rehab because of drug addiction, and now 15 years later, stays clean and is dedicated to helping men through a brotherhood.

Rehab was a before and after in Ben's life, as today's episode can be for you. Get to know, connect and reconcile with your masculinity!


Ben Goresky is a mens’ work leader, a coach, and an addiction counsellor. He hosts the Evolving Man Podcast where he covers topics like masculinity, relationships, addiction recovery, and all forms of healing including psychedelics and plant medicines. Ben runs a mens’ work community called The Samurai Brotherhood made up of almost 500 men who meet weekly in “squads”. Ben is passionate about health, depth, authenticity, and living with heart.


Instagram: @evolvingman


[1:38] Meet Ben Goresky.

[3:24] From getting help to helping others: The moment when Ben becomes a counselor.

6:26 Creating a structured life: Ben's first months in rehab.

[9:47] Ben's life after rehab.

[12:18] How Ben's rehabilitation affected his relationship with his siblings.

[14:22] The last words of Ben's grandfather that changed everything.

[21:29] The major challenge for men since Covid.

[24:44]Traver's new book.

[25:32] Mature masculinity meaning.

[33:38] How male energy affects our masculinity.

[44:41] Why is the highest percentage of shootings in the United States caused by men?

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