Got Balls? Use Em

You know what’s worse than having to shut down your startup? The excruciating wonder of what could have been if you took your idea to the market.

You know what’s worse than getting knocked out in Thailand in front of a screaming crowd? The burning question of what it would be like to fight there.

You know what’s worse than getting divorced? Lying in bed at night and fantasizing about what could have happened if you had the courage to ask out the girl from class.

I’ll take the pain of
the above over the agony
of the question “what if” —
all day long. And I do.
With a smile.

We’re all headed to the same place and when we get there your slate gets wiped completely clean. No balance sheet, no fight record, no relationship status.

I’d rather die
with answers
I don’t like,
than a heart
burning with
What about you?

If you got em, use em. If you forgot where they are, DM me. I’m holding a boot camp in Aug for 8 men who are ready to own their power, put fear in its place, and finally begin living their real lives. Are you one of them?

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