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| Nov 16, 2020

How fly fishing is saving men’s lives with Jennings Hester

Jennings Hester

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Therapy, a practice that most men reject for fear of being seen as weak. The “animal man culture” has taught men to never ask for help no matter how bad the circumstances are; those men are struggling whether it's with depression, anxiety, or another mental illness;  and they are suffering in silence.

Mental illnesses do not discriminate, they can affect the weakest person to the strongest and you will never imagine that even the most smiling person may be suffering from depression. Just like in the case of today's guest Jennings Hester, a division one football player in Alabama, an amazing athlete with all the charisma in the world was suffering from depression and anxiety, who would have thought, huh? Jennings will share his story with us and his beginning in this new man movement that he has been creating where therapy was the starter to their transformation and his mentality shift was the beginning of a new life.

About Jennings

As an athlete, Jennings has dedicated his life to sports. After a problematic hamstring injury, University of Alabama sophomore linebacker Jennings Hester planned the end his football career. Due to the injury, depression, and anxiety appeared in his life, and after a fishing day and “out-of-body” experience, Jennings discovered a way of meditation which would then become his next big project: Fishing the Good Fight, a company dedicated to raise awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding Men's Mental Health.

In addition to his work in men's health with Fishing the Good Fight, Jennings also manages all West Catapult Sports and XOS Digital sales to Division I Football and Baseball Programs as well as provides programs with the complete sports technology stack including wearable devices and coaching video tools.

Connect with Jennings Hester

Instagram: @fishingthegoodfight

What you will hear

2:13 “The mission is helping men with mental illness”. Jennings talks about his company: Fishing the Good Fight.
3:26 Dealing with anxiety and depression: Jennings' story.
4:42 “You are a piece of shit”. Jennings talks about how mental illness can affect your life.
10:48 Man and therapy: Jennings talks about the resistance of man to therapy
16:21 The beginning of Fishing the Good Fight.
23:21 Men taking action about mental illness.
25:48 Fishing as a way of meditation
31:18 Join the UNcivilized nation.
32:06 Fishing the Good Fight: The creation, biggest misconception, and future.
42:28 How to talk about mental health: Hester's advice.
51:55 Where to find Jennings Hester.

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