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| Mar 18, 2021

How to get past 10,000 no’s with Matt Del Negro

Matt Del Negro

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We have all been rejected at one point in our lives, but each decides how to deal with it. Some deal with it focusing their attention on something else, others get depressed, and for some, it means to keep working towards their goals.

Turn 10,000 no's into 10,001 chances just like today's guest Matthew Del Negro did; this is not only the number of times he was possibly rejected, but it's also the name of his book and podcast where the inspiration behind was his struggle to achieve success in acting, turning rejection into opportunities.

Matthew sees each role as a challenge where he seeks a physical and emotional, and mental effort in every interpretation. In today's episode, we will hear about how he changed his life from being a great sports athlete to following the acting path.
Get inspired and turn your failures into opportunities by listening to today's episode.


Matthew Del Negro is known for his pivotal roles on groundbreaking series like HBO's The Sopranos, Aaron Sorkin's The West Wing, Diablo Cody's The United States of Tara and Shonda Rhime's Scandal. In film, he can be seen in Taylor Sheridan's Wind River with Jeremy Renner and the Reese Witherspoon starrer, Hot Pursuit. His most recent string of roles includes series regulars on the 2nd Season of Amazon's Goliath, the Netflix comedy Huge in France and currently opposite Kevin Bacon and Aldis Hodge on Showtime’s City on a Hill.

Matt is also the creator and host of the popular podcast on perseverance, 10,000 NOs, which led to a publishing deal with Wiley & Sons. His book, 10,000 NOs: How to Overcome Rejection on the Way to Your YES.


Instagram: @mattydel
Twitter: @MatthewDelNegro


[2:35] Meet Matthew Del Negro.
[4:19] From sports to acting.
[8:37] What inspired Matthew to transition to acting.
[15:33] Turning a passion into a job.
[22:13] The UNcivilized Nation.
[23:07] Three years to resign.
[31:55] The philosophy behind 10,000 no's.
[56:20] Where to find Matthew.

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