How You Fuck Your Woman Is How You Fuck The World

“When you’re operating
in your sexual power,
you become an
unstoppable maniac
in your life.”

- Jamie Elizabeth Thompson


Have you ever imagined that your sex life could be a source of healing? Inspiration? Or a source of empowerment?

Last week, Sex and Relationship coach Jamie and I excitedly chatted about all the ways we’ve seen full ownership of sexuality change the ENTIRE lives of our clients.

While I devote an entire week of the Man Uncivilized course to ownership of each man’s sexual power (and having them take full responsibility for it) we usually end up spending a lot more of the 12 weeks talking about sex, go figure. I’m working on a full blog post about sexual ownership but let’s plop this down to chew on for now.

Sex is our deepest form of expression and often the one most heavily shamed and/or suppressed. Therefore, we’re operating on a day-to-day basis with a massive part of ourselves feeling shamed and unexpressed. There’s a reason 50 Shades sold 5 trillion copies, the porn industry rivals Big Pharma, but most Americans can’t speak their own desires - shame.

For you men, look at where you hold your sexual shame. And then check in to see how it affects your life elsewhere.

How you fuck your
woman is how
you fuck the world,
gents. Think on that
for the day.

Are you timid and ashamed of your desires? Are you overbearing and selfish in bed? Is your intention to take for you or to give to and awaken her? Ask yourself the same questions about your fitness, business, and spiritual life. $7 says they match up.

Now imagine giving your partner the gift of letting them be who they are at their deepest, most vulnerably naked core and providing the safe container for this experience. Imagine taking that pure expression and infusing it with the overwhelming power of sexual energy…Game. Changer.

Own your freak.
Or lack there of.
Own it. As long as it
only pertains to
consenting adults,
own it. Breathe it.
Be OK with it.

Be more than OK with it. Let it turn you into an unstoppable a maniac in your life. Let it uncivilize you…

Yours uncivilized,

Unplug from the “civilized” paradigm and take control of your life.

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