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| May 06, 2021

Jesus, gambling, and a real estate empire with Erik Hatch

Erik Hatch

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Gambling comes into your life as a hobby or a moment of distraction with friends, but it can make you lose not only money but also your house, car, and even your family.

Today's guest is Erik Hatch, an entrepreneur, father, husband, and owner of multiple businesses that, over time, have led him to be the successful man he is today; businesses that helped Erik get out of hundreds of dollars in debt because of the gambling.

After living a dualistic life juggling his addiction to gambling and being a church minister at the same time, Erik began his road to recovery with the help of his wife and mainly because he took the first step in his recovery: Acceptance.

This incredible episode brings to the table issues such as the human being duality and how this is part of the human experience. Do not miss it!


Erik Hatch (Fargo, ND) is an entrepreneur, public speaker, Realtor, author, coach, investor, do-gooder, husband, father, and mediocre golfer. Erik has 18 businesses that he owns/operates. Erik's real estate team (Hatch Realty) is one of the country's top 50 real estate teams. And as a real estate coach (one of the top 25 in the country), Hatch Coaching has made a giant splash in the real estate industry over the last 5 years.

Passionate about giving back, Erik has grown 2 non-profit movements that have raised over 3 million dollars. A servant leader to the core, Erik's desire is to be a chapter in as many books as possible. His first book, "Play for the person next to you," launched in September 2019.



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[3:17] Meet today's guest: Erik Hatch.
[5:19] Why is financial growth is more attractive than personal growth.
[6:59] The messy metal theory.
[11:23] The feeling of progression.
[14:45] Erik's background story.
[16:09] From gambling to becoming a successful businessman.
[29:05] Join the UNcivilizing weekend event.
[30:06] "I was the most disgusting person I've ever seen" - Erik.
[32:35] The moment of acceptance of Erik.
[37:34] When redemption becomes your gasoline.
[39:52] Erik's new life philosophy and what made him a successful man now.
[45:31] Where to find Erik.

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