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| Nov 22, 2021

Johnny King — Becoming a KING

Johnny King

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If we think about the problem that men currently face in society, what would it be?
According to Johnny King's opinion, he thinks of the unhealed wounds caused by parents, especially the father figure in our lives. After a year of coaching, he concluded that we must all begin to heal our wounds to enjoy a new life where peace, happiness, and balance rule our life and become the king of our kingdom.
Johnny's story is interesting since after hating his father for many years, a confession changed everything and gave a 180-degree turn in their relationship, making him his best friend. A story that will make us understand that forgiveness is the best way to heal.
About Johnny King
Before Johnny King became a transformational coach for men to help them reach their highest potential, he first had to discover his own. Amidst the recession of 2010, Johnny was broke: $35,000 in debt, jobless, and picking up the pieces of a failed marriage. He thought he was done but, little did he know it was just the start of his journey.
Over the next few years, Johnny built multiple successful businesses.  Now he leads a men's group and produces a podcast. King systemized his habits and routines to create a life he could fall in love with. He's now teaching others those tools so you can too own your day, realize your dreams, and truly become the King or Queen of your kingdom.
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What you will hear
[4:47] Meeting today's guest.
[7:01] The first step to transition.
[12:56] The fear of coaching men.
[16:32] The challenges and benefits of writing a book.
[19:11] Johnny's book.
[24:14] Putting emotions on paper.
[32:32] The desire to answer every man's questions.
[35:39] The momentary happiness.
[38:43] The challenges for men in today's society.
[39:35] A father and son healing.
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