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| Sep 27, 2021

Jordan Gray — Meditating in the middle of a relationship bonfire

Jordan Gray

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Relationships are not like in movies, where everything is rosy; every single one has its ups and downs.

Imagine spending years of your life being a lone wolf and suddenly meeting someone so special that lights a spark in you by changing your life, awakening the desire to become a father and husband; this beautiful story happened to our guest, Jordan Gray.

During his coaching years, Jordan has helped hundreds of relationships. Meaning his singleness a worrying issue for many because, how is this single man advising a couple? Today, Jordan explains his trajectory and how this was not an impediment.


Jordan Gray is a sex and relationship coach with over a decade of practice behind him. His writing, to date, has been read by over 80 million people, and his books and online programs have transformed the love lives of tens of thousands of people worldwide.



Instagram: @jordan_gray_consulting


[3:30] Meeting Jordan Gray.

[8:42]Applying logic to an emotional situation.

[12:32] A single man advising couples.

[14:34] How to get back to the idea of ​​a relationship.

[18:19] The cultural shift around relationships.

[32:38] Codependency in relationships.

[42:47] Navigating our inner child in adult life.

[53:24] Self-amusement.

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