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| Nov 01, 2021

Joy Dushey — How a stroke at age 29 changed everything

Joy Dushey

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Never forget life can change in a blink of an eye. One day everything is okay, and the other, you can wake up inside an MRI machine scared and asking yourself what happened.
One day, you are married, and the other, you are signing a divorce paper.
One day, you can wake up and decide to change your life, start a transformational path and walk in with no turning back.
One day, you can be on your way to happiness and peace and find success and define it your way.
Today we will hear the transformative and impressive journey of our guest Joy Dushey. A woman who, despite having lived experiences that would break anyone's heart, turned them into strength, knowledge and wisdom.
After suffering a stroke at the age of 29, the loss of her brother, and ending her marriage, she knew how to get up and find her voice, passion, and motivation to live a plentiful life.
Now, from her personal experience and her professionalism as a coach, she will talk to us in today's episode about the importance of slowing down. Also, we will dive into relationships, breathwork, support, and transformations.
Joy Dushey is a New York based transformative coach , holistic guide , mentor and Breathwork facilitator. She specializes in inspiring people of all ages to start living optimal vital lives by nurturing the balance of mind body and spirit and empowers them to living more authentically and coming back to their true essence. Her greatest passion is in building conscious community and cocreating with like minded innovators. With all that Joy is up to, she maintains a curious mind with an open heart. She’s curious about the universe’s endless possibilities
At the age of 29 Joy faced the biggest adversity of her life when she suffered an ischemic stroke
that ultimately led to a most profound transformation embarking on a Holistic Path. Through Spiritual teachings, Holistic education and her life experiences she formulated The Joyful Approach lifestyle system and a platform for inspiring positive impact. As a transformative coach & Spiritual guide, Joy maintains a curious mind with an open heart. She’s curious about the universe’s endless possibilities.
Instagram @thejoyfulapproach :
[2:40] A transformative coach.
[4:48] Don't rush. Slow down.
[10:39] Joy's story.
16:38] How it feels to have a stroke and its recovery.
[22:43] Redesigning the relationship with reality.
[29:55] An easy divorce.
[34:20] The purpose of a conscious relationship.
[39:02] Conscious uncoupling.
[47:16] The best way to support a woman who is experiencing a transformation.
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