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| Apr 22, 2021

Looking at men through the eye of Myth with Rick Alexander

Rick Alexander

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Each human being goes through different stages throughout their life, but only one will mark the rest of your life.

Two extraordinary people (me and today's guest, Rick Alexander) decided to join our podcasts to create this incredible episode. We will talk about the role of myth in manhood, feminine shaming, the growth as the new problem for humanity, and how to achieve a more profound life for men in order access to their truth.

Rick Alexander has a past in the special forces. Now, his past is only a memory in his new life stage where spirituality and psychology have literally become his morning coffee since he is the host of the "Morning Coffee with Rick Alexander," a podcast where he shares his ideas on different topics related to personal and spiritual growth.

This episode is so incredible that I will only say: Enjoy it!


Rick Alexander is an author, speaker, and serves as the Chief Growth Operator for The Special Forces Experience.

Rick spent 12 years in the United States Navy as a Special Operations Combat Medic and has completed multiple ultra-endurance events including a 240 mile run in body armor, to raise money for the children of fallen heroes. As such his work draws on this depth of experience in order to help people craft meaningful lives while in the heat of adversity.


Instagram: @rickalexander_


[2:06] Meet Rick and Traver.
[4:12] Rick's background in the special forces.
[6:21] Traver's background: Why following his heart has been his life changer.
[9:51] The personality that we all hide under the masks.
[12:19] The collective consciousness.
[14:14] The evolution of consciousness.
[24:41] Why sitting and allowance of the pinprick is so hard for men.
[26:51] The power to transmit.
[30:58] Why is the myth so important for the male animal.
[34:38] Why did we lose the myth in the west.
[41:34] The busiest stages for most people.
[46:52] How to achieve comfort in the unknown.
[50:52] Why distractions and substances are the natural states of our mind.
[1:12:50] Where to find Rick.

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