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| Jun 10, 2021

Losing it all and getting back as a man with Rainier Wylde

Rainier Wylde

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The initiation into masculinity has changed over the years to a point where the experience of becoming a man and reaching adulthood is different from those times where men had to fight for it in a forced way. Currently, the initiation to masculinity goes far beyond puberty, being maturity a fundamental point.

In this episode, I will share a powerful conversation with Rainier Wylde. It will be a combined episode where you will hear us jam, a Q&A from both: Rainier and myself.

In a podcast episode we dive into the experience of being male right now and what trips us up. We discuss how we experience loss and navigating out of that loss, how we look at myth and our greater lives. Men, this is for us and all that seek to understand us and our experience, press play and start listening to everything you haven't heard before about being a man.


Rainier Wylde is a teacher, writer, and facilitator who works with men and women around the world in the art of working with your unacknowledged shadow, balancing the masculine & the feminine, and experiencing spiritual awakening. Rainier has embraced life for all that it is. He has celebrated its highs and learned from its lows. He has managed a Fortune 500 company and built businesses, he has also elegantly blown them up, burned them down, and started over from scratch. Through the various positions he has held, he has discovered that life must be claimed to hold any worth. His work is to inspire others to live fully and deeply in the here and now.


Instagram: @rainierwylde


[2:58] Meeting Rainier and Traver.
[7:50] The development of personal and cultural masculinity.
[9:50] What it meant to be a man in past decades.
[14:25] The role of information.
[20:04] The main challenge men are facing in our culture.
[26:27] Hitting bottom.
[38:44] Creating safe environments.
[52:34] Is there a guarantee of something in life?
[1:01:47] Where to find Rainier.

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