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| Dec 30, 2021

Punching Imposter Syndrome In The Face with Traver Boehm

Traver Boehm

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The Imposter haunts us all. Myself included. Or at least he used to.
I remember a few years back doing the first class of a six class online workshop and anxiously walking around my house afterward waiting for the emails to come in from all of the men who were on the call wanting their money back!
The emails never came…but I also reached out to my good friend Jeremy who said, “Show me the evidence from your old classes where everyone quits on you after the first call. If there’s no evidence there, assume there won’t be any here.”
He was right and my bout with The Imposter was done for the day. It led me to look deeply at my own fears and insecurities and know you have the same opportunity when yours arises.
In this episode we dive into your Imposter Syndrome, and how you can learn to manage and learn from them.
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