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| Nov 08, 2021

Robert Althuis — What to do when enough is not enough.

Robert Althuis

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We have heard millions of times the story of the man who has everything and loses it all. It may sound cliche but it is so well-known because it is a reality.
Unlike other people, today's guest, Robert Althuis, always knew that inside him was more than having money. Robert had more to offer. He just needed to light that spark. Unfortunately, the spark was lit the day he hit rock bottom.
After going through such arduous moments —In Robert's case, going bankrupt and divorcing in 2017—many people would fall into addiction, but he did it differently. His biggest motivation to get ahead? Their children.
An episode that reflects how life can change from one moment to another. Do not miss it.
Robert Althuis is the founder of The Whisperer, a mindfulness organization that provides coaching, strategies, tools, and techniques to help private clients and businesses find their why so they can become a force of good in the world. This Ivy League-educated leader was once a Fortune 100 corporate executive and later a successful real estate and private equity entrepreneur.
Today, he resides in Coral Gables, Florida, and is a father, artist, photographer, avid yogi (RYT-200), CrossFitter, kite surfer, and an active dive volunteer and former Board Member of the Coral Restoration Foundation in the Florida Keys.
Instagram: @robertalthuis
LinkedIN: Robert Althuis
[2:53] Meeting today's guest.
[5:19] The journey of the modern man.
[7:25] The game man and the spiritual place.
[9:11] Suppressing a desire.
[12:26] Addictions and the control they exert over people.
[17:28] From the financial win to ruin.
[19:51] Discovering the exit of the rock bottom.
[29:02] Robert's book, Never Enoughitis.
[35:14] Tips to make your world efficient.
[40:00] The new reality of the business world.
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