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| Dec 28, 2020

Starting an UNcivilized men’s group with Alan Crawford

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Life is a roller coaster full of challenges, tragedies, joys, and sorrows that bring us experiences, whether negative or positive. In today's episode, we will have a guest who takes advantage of the lows he suffered to become a leader in the eyes of many men in search of help and advice.

Today's guest is Alan Crawford. After suffering a divorce, reaching the point of living with his parents, and suffering from depression, drug, and financial problems, today he is the leader of the men's group Uncivilized Nation Liverpool.

In this episode, we will hear Alan's story, his journey, and learn what it takes to become a true leader. 


Alan is a Counsellor / Therapist in private practice, working with individuals, couples, and groups in person and online. He also teaches counseling to the therapists of tomorrow.

He is passionate about helping people to understand themselves, their feelings, needs, patterns, and struggles. To heal their wounds and traumas and grow towards their full potential, the fullest expression of who they are as human beings.

He has worked extensively in the field of addiction and recovery for over a decade. Now he enjoys supporting a diverse range of clients to connect more deeply with their own experience. To trust themselves, take responsibility for their own lives, and live those lives more fully in the present moment with a greater sense of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.

Alan is an avid meditator and practicing Zen Buddhist, a strength training enthusiast, nature lover, Father, and Musician.

He is also a Man UNcivilized, a Team Leader within the UNcivilized Nation, and responsible for starting the first UNcivilized group in Europe (in his home town of Liverpool, England).

Overcoming depression and addiction in his early 20s sent Alan on a path of healing, consciousness, and connecting with his heart. It was only after his divorce and losing everything in his early 30s that he came to own his power and begin the path towards becoming an integrated, actualized man. A Man UNcivilized. Alan is deeply grateful for Traver and his mission, mentorship, and inspiration.


Website: alancrawfordcounselling.co.uk
Instagram: @alancrawfordcounselling
UNcivilized Liverpool: @uncivilizedliverpool
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AlanCrawfordCounselling
Email: [email protected]


[1:43] Getting to know Alan.

[2:30] Alan's Journey: from rock bottom to become a therapist and leader.

[6:03] After living with his parents, Alan shared how he decided to move on in his life.

[9:13] Alan talks about the state of man mental health in the UK.

[11:49] Alan's work with men to help them release from their shadows.

[15:15] Alan's leadership process.

[19:58] Launching Uncivilized Liverpool process.

[24:00] Start your own men's group.

[25:02] Men's embracing the group.

[31:08] What Alan hopes for the future of UNcivilized Liverpool

[32:35] Therapist background used in leadership.

[36:18] Where to find Alan.

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