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| Aug 20, 2020

The Bio Hacking Nomad with Kevin Crenshaw

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No matter how many bad things happen, we can always overcome adversities.

From being bullied to carrying his life in a backpack, today's guest is a man who has experienced the good and bad things in life and now he dedicates himself to helping others selflessly. In this episode, I had the honor of speaking with Kevin Crenshaw. Kevin is a nomad and founder of Freedom Lore, a non-profit domestic violence foundation. He will share with us what it's like to be a nomad, his experience with bullying, how he overcame addictions and many interesting experiences and thoughts that you cannot miss.

About Kevin Crenshaw

After surviving 3 suicide attempts, homelessness, a few near death experiences and overcoming addiction, codependency, and anxiety; Kevin has dedicated his life to sharing how he did it and wisdom he learned in the process. On a mission to help the world fall in love, Kevin utilizes coaching, art, think tanks, and non-profit work to end abuse and suffering. His bold “tough love” strategy, combined with unique practical guidance, will help you to transform your relationship to yourself and love forever.

Connect with Kevin

Instagram: @the.heart.guy
Youtube: youtube.com/channel/UCzMCgLUwNh4ajN3bfH0xUfg
Website: DARK72.com

What you'll hear

1:40 Kevin's talks about what's inside his nomad backpack.

2:47 What pull him into nomadic lifestyle.

6:30 Kevin's thought and experience about intencionality and reactivity.

10:38 Kevin's process of knowing what he wants in life and stay heart-centered.

13:40 How to start a change in yourself.

18:05 The power of things in the human being.

22:02 Addictions and habits.

25:52 What does "Integrity" means for Kevin.

29:11 How he recovered from childhood bullying.

31:31 Kevin's advices on overcoming trauma.

35:07 Kevin's thoughts about domestic violence and the work he is doing with his foundation.

41:48 Is domestic violence cultural or structural?

45:27 Kevin talks about his work with domestic violence abusers and how they can change.

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