The UNcivilized Podcast

| Oct 07, 2020

The emotionally abusive marriage with Katie Sroka

Katie Sroka

Listen to the UNcivilized Podcast:

Realizing that you are in an abusive relationship may not be so easy. Society tends to normalize behaviors that when you see it in your partner makes you doubt if it is or if it is not okay, whether you feel in your soul that there's something wrong.

Katie Sroka is a women's coach coming out of an abusive relationship, in which after leaving it, she found her passion: Helping others through coaching. Join this conversation and find out if you are dealing with an abusive relationship.

About Katie Sroka

Katie Sroka is a transformational coach who guides self-aware women to embody their true selves through self-discovery and connecting to their hearts.

Connect with Katie

Instagram: @katie.sroka

What you'll hear

1:47 Who's Katie and what she is building to help others.
2:17 Katie as a coach: what her coaching sessions are like and the shift in her clients after working with her.
3:56 Katie talks about her life before her abusive relationship.
4:27 Why she thinks divorce changes people and how she felt during her relationship.
5:58 What she needed during her marriage that she couldn't find there.
7:13 The moment she talked to her ex-husband and his reaction.
8:18 Katie's process: the decision of leaving her marriage.
11:21 How does a man can transition from feeling attacked to having a conversation to solve the problem as a couple.
13:11 Katie talks about why she thinks women connect with her.
14:14 The elements of an abusive relationship and the meaning of 'gaslight'.
17:10 How Katie defines ‘abuse’.
19:12 Why invalidating feelings are so damaging.
21:21 How Katie came out of her abusive relationship.
22:14 Katie defines what' 'safety' means to her.
24:17 How does it feel not to be safe in an abusive relationship.
25:35 Rage and yells: Katie shares why she thought she couldn't share her feelings during her marriage.
27:25 Finally free: The first thing she did after leaving that relationship.
30:50 What did the pain alchemize in her and what did she used it for.
32:20 The moment she starts to create joy: rebuilding the inner and outer life of Katie.
33:30 "I don't know who I am". Why she felt she lost her identity.
36:02 Katie explains the 'List of 10 things that bring you joy" exercise and how she keeps working in healing.
40:15 Why Katie thinks people stay in abusive relationships.
42:30 Why Katie thinks that women don't realize they are in an abusive relationship.
43:23 The other side of the coin: The single Katie after leaving the toxic relationship.
44:24 Katie talks to men and women about the nature of a relationship.
45:34 Where to find Katie.

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