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| Jun 21, 2021

The masculine in relationship with GS Youngblood

GS Youngblood

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Relationships are difficult for men. We always try to figure out our place in the relationship, especially when we love a strong woman.

Leadership is one of the most attractive skills a man can have in a relationship. A man who takes control will always be admired by his partner.

To talk to us a little more about the masculine in the relationship, we will have GS Youngblood as today's guest.

GS will give us tips to manage our relationship effectively and achieve a better physical, mental, and emotional connection with our partner, including how to heat things up in bed.

Be the man your woman always wanted. Press play now.


GS Youngblood coaches men in relationship and help you see yourself more clearly. He helps you bring more leadership to your relationship in support of creating more ease, play, sexuality, respect, and attraction.

The nature of his work is laid out in his book The Masculine in Relationship: A Blueprint for Inspiring the Trust, Lust, and Devotion of a Strong Woman. The book is structured around a clear three-part blueprint for developing your Masculine core.


Instagram: @gsyoungbloodmir
The Book: "The Masculine in Relationship" by GS Youngblood


[3:13] Meeting GS Youngblood.
[15:27] How to act or respond to the feeling of threat.
[22:25] The word "ouch."
[25:40] Male authenticity.
[28:14] When is the woman responsible for their behavior.
[30:42] Is stoicism interrupting masculine emotional development?
[36:35] Bring leadership to the relationship.
[43:00] Join the UNcivilized nation.
[43:57] Creating security.
[49:35] Why does rejection affect relationships?
[54:22] Sexual leadership.
[59:33] Three skills applicable in the bedroom.
[1:05:48] GS's one piece of advice for men.

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