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| Oct 22, 2020

The relationship dance with Courtney McNabb

Courtney McNabb

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How many times do we lie to ourselves with phrases like “I’m okay”, “I’m beautiful”, “I’m the best”, but deep inside we know that's not how we feel or think about ourselves. We begin to delude our brain with this lies to hide our pain, our wounds, and all the things that are hurting us just to pretend that everything's okay and that we are getting closer to our freedom, but let me tell you something, in this case, the only thing that will set you free, is the truth.

Today’s guest is Courtney McNabb. Courtney and I had an interesting conversation about sovereignty, a subject in which she is specialized. We talked about her journey, why she thinks sovereignty is important, and in this conversation we agreed on something: Your partner is not your therapist.

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About Courtney

I'm Courtney McNabb. I'm a women's Empowerment Coach and Feminine Energy Repatterning Trainer touring the world activating women in their fierce sacred power.

Between and during global ventures, I work with female spiritual leaders and seekers across the globe. My mission is to activate an unshakable internal world and to align high-vibrational energetic behavioral patterns with sacred purpose. I help women dissolve wounded stories that keep them feeling scarce, stuck, and limited.

My home base in Denver, Colorado, where I love creating community and drinking oat milk lattes. I specialize in Sovereignty and the Sacred Feminine, love plant dancing to gangster rap, and adventuring the mountains with my boyfriend and homies.

Connect with Courtney

Instagram: @courtneymcnabbco

What you'll hear

1:34 "I'm willing to see a perspective most people reject" Who's Courtney and what's she doing.

4:36 "The fiercest stand for your own soul truth" Courtney explains sovereignty.

12:17 Why sovereignty is more important than ever.

15:13 Courtney's personal journey with sovereignty.

18:15 Truth, the best practice to heal: Courtney talks about her work as a women's coach.

23:40 The main reason women hate themselves.

29:23 Courtney talks about the benefits of breathwork practice.

38:12 The fine line between wants and manipulation.

44:32 The role breathwork plays in Courtney's life.

46:16 Dancing with shame: Using the shame to help others.

50:43 What inspires Courtney.

52:52 Where to find Courtney.

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