The UNcivilized Podcast

| Nov 06, 2023

The two steps to glory.

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In this short solo episode I break down the two steps you can start to take immediately to live an UNcivilized life — ie. THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS.

I’ll give them to you here but you’re still going to have to do the work yourself. Or another way to say that is, “You GET to go on the ride of your life if you do this.”  

The steps are:  

1) Figure out what you ACTUALLY want

2) Go build that

Yep, once you make this your way of life all kinds of amazing and challenging things happen for you and to you, but is there any other kind of life you’d rather live?  It’s an UNcivilized life for me. Forever. 

Enjoy and please share this with someone in your life.




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