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| Aug 23, 2021

There’s a cost to killing your soul with Shelli Varela

Shelli Varela

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For many years, women were perceived as the weaker sex, unable to perform activities or carry out roles in which men were the gender determined to fulfill them, taking them to prove themselves, their courage, and strength. Women like today's guest Shelli Varela didn't have the idea that their dreams will open the door for many women in the future.
After following her dreams to become a firefighter and failing the first test, Shelli continued fighting until she reached it, leading her to become the first female firefighter in Canada, and today you will hear her story.
Don't miss this episode! I promise that you will leave with a soul, spirit, and heart full of inspiration.
Shelli Varela proudly became the first female firefighter with the Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services in 1994, and most recently, the first female Fire Captain.
She is a Story Alchemist, Fire Captain, 2x TedX Speaker, Author, Host of the Forbes featured podcast “The YES Effect" Show, Champion for the Underdog and over the years, Shelli has used her own experiences to serve as an example that all things are possible.
Instagram: @shellivarela
[4:32] Meeting Shelli.
[11:00] Why not be you?
[15:37] Waiting for the call that would change her life.
[17:40] "My success was inevitable."
[20:08] Changing the labels.
[26:04] A female in a male-dominated job.
[31:48] Mention an untenanted challenge you had to navigate.
[34:05] From being bullied to becoming famous.
[39:30] What advice do you give to people who have the potential to hit a home run?
[45:42] What is it like to be the first woman in Canada to work in this area?
[50:34] Mental health awareness in the firefight community from the female perspective.
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