The UNcivilized Podcast

| Aug 16, 2021

This is what it means to be an elder with Duey Freeman and Mark Sylvester

Duey Freeman Mark Sylvester

Listen to the UNcivilized Podcast:

In this unique episode, you will have a taste of what we live in the UNcivilized Nation. Every week in our community, we enjoy The Elder Series—a conversation in which our great minds Mark Silvester and Duey Freeman, enlighten us with their knowledge, wisdom, and stories. Today we share with you this week's broadcast conversation about the elderly.

Mark and Duey are the hosts in this week's duo episode. They will share what it means to be an elder in today's society based on their experiences and what it means to be one.

Is it possible to be an elder in your 20s? Find out in today's episode.

What you will hear:

[4:58] Playing the victim card.

[8:30] What is an elder?

[10:34] Feeling old when you are chronologically young.

[12:51] When do we become adults?

[19:22] What's adulting?

[26:35] It's okay to not know.

[31:11] What would you say to your 20 years old self?

[43:45] Implementing our skills in adulthood.

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