The UNcivilized Podcast

| Nov 05, 2020

Toxic Jesus: How to unpack your religious trauma with Marc-Henri Sandos

Marc-Henri Sandos

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Talking about religion isn't easy, it's a delicate topic since each human being has their own beliefs, but what happens when religion is usually taught in a mandatory way to the point of causing deep wounds to those who based their faith on it? Exactly, it becomes toxic spirituality. Today's guest Marc-Henri Sandoz will tell us his life's story and how it led him to write the book "Toxic Jesus: My journey from holy shit to spiritual healing".

We will talk about his journey as an evangelical pastor, the wounds left on him by his spirituality, the moment when he had to have his leg amputated, and how he went on fighting for his dreams to become the person that he is today.

I invite you to meet this incredible human being, by clicking on play.

About Marc-Henri

Born in 1963, I studied Protestant theology at the University of Geneva to become a pastor. I worked in this profession as a life mission for fifteen years in an evangelical church. A deep questioning led me to resign: I realized the sectarianism and the blockages which were at the heart of my faith, and the sufferings which hid behind them.

I gradually faced my own shadows, I started therapeutic work. I went through a period of ten years of doubts, uncertainties, personal upheavals, professional reconversion, divorce. It was a difficult and dark period, but very rich and of great value to me.

Then I discovered meditation and yoga. I trained in Mindfulness meditation at the University of Geneva, then in Yoga Nidra, and meditation. I taught meditation and Yoga Nidra for several years in Geneva, while working full time as a counselor.

After the amputation of my left leg due to bone cancer, in May 2018, I was left with the need to find a new balance for my life. The first thing to do, literally, was to learn to walk and live with one leg. Second, I had to build meaning for what was happening to me. In this process, I discovered a deeper and renewed spirituality, fully taking into account what was happening to me, without embellishing it or falling into a kind of magical thinking. A spirituality that could really help me to face reality. It is still a work in progress.

Connect with Marc-Henri

Instagram: @toxicjesusthebook

Where to find his book: Toxic Jesus: My Journey from Holy Shit to Spiritual Healing on Amazon

What you'll hear

2:19 Leaving the evangelical world: Marc talks about his journey.

11:08 Lying for Jesus: Marc explains how he felt he lied to others to bring souls to the church.

17:04 Crisis of faith: The moment Marc opened his eyes about what he was believing.

22:08 The inspiration behind the book: Spiritual experience and therapy.

27:15 Join the UNcivilized nation.

28:06 The walk of freedom: The first step he made to leave his religion.

32:23 Marc life's after religion.

37:00 Defining 'toxic spirituality'.

39:29 The shame and fear as a behavior controller.

50:50 Marc's advice for people who feel angry and overwhelmed.

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