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| Sep 20, 2021

Troy Love — How to stop shame from hijacking your experience of peace.

Troy Love

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It takes balls to say, "Yes, I am a porn addict."

Like many addictions, pornography addiction has an origin. Wounds, pain, trauma are the foremost causes that millions of people look for unhealthy and often self-destructive ways to cope, finding a kind of "refuge" or "relief" in addictions.

Today's guest is Troy Love, a man who sought to heal his pain and took refuge in pornography for many years, now dedicates himself to helping people achieve their addiction recovery.

Are you addicted to porn?  Find out in today's episode.


A two-time Amazon Best-Selling Author, with his third book, A Year of Self-Love published in 2019, Troy L. Love is on a quest to help individuals, couples, and organizations find greater peace, joy, happiness, and success.​

Troy serves as the President and Clinical Director of Yuma Counseling Services and the founder of Finding Peace Consulting.  He has over 20 years of experience in the mental health field. ​ Troy is an Adjunct Professor at Arizona State University. He facilitates several webinars and drop-in groups at He is also the host of the Finding Peace Podcast.



Instagram: @troyllove


[4:06] Meeting Troy.

[10:20] A struggling population.

[16:27] Are porn addiction and sex addiction the same?

[18:13] Troy's journey.

[25:45] Masturbation shame cycle.

[27:44] What's an addiction?

[30:20] Don't deny your pain.

[36:05] The normalization of addictions as a coupling mechanism.

[39:39] What role does peace play in the recovery process?

[44:32] "Shame hijacks peace."

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