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| Aug 06, 2020

Trusting Yourself and the Dangers of Fear-Based Chaos With Cat Bigney

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We’re constantly being bombarded with chaos... What happens when that chaos comes from a place of fear? In this episode, I was joined by the amazing Cat Bigney. Cat is the Head Instructor for Boulder Outdoor Survival School (BOSS). We talked about her experiences as an instructor, tattoo artist and tv host. She shares the importance of developing self-trust and what it was like overcoming the fear of death. Cat has an incredible story and I can’t wait for you to hear her thoughts on resilience, some of her scariest moments out in the wilderness and why she’s passionate about being a tattoo artist.

About Cat Bigney

Cat Bigney is a survival consultant, prehistoric skills specialist and artist. With a skillset acquired from an atypical upbringing, rugged formative years, and intergenerational knowledge, her focus is the preservation of ancient skills and knowledge, especially in the context of human origin, innovation/cognition and relationships to land, culture and identity. She teaches survival related basics (fire/shelter/water/food procurement and so on) and is no stranger to tactical survival, but most of her perspective and practice won’t be found in your standard bush-craft or survival “Bible”.

In addition to enduring some of the harshest of nature’s conditions across the globe, Cat is an artist, writer, athlete (playing high-level rugby for over a decade) and public speaker. Cat has been summed up as a passionate and energetic wilderness thug with a heart of gold.

Connect with Cat

Instagram: @catbigney
Boss Inc:

What You’ll Hear

5:37 What Cat’s life was like growing up
8:01 Why she chose to teach survival
12:53 The top three things she hopes will come out of this pandemic from a leadership perspective
14:02 What she saw from CEOs developing a relationship with the unknown in the wilderness
18:26 Cat’s thoughts on resilience
22:13 Cat’s scariest moments of living out in the wilderness
26:09 Why Cat doesn’t fear death
30:11 How she’s become okay with navigating through the chaos
32:05 The dangers of fear-based chaos
34:19 How to establish a relationship of trust with yourself
36:40 How she got into her tattoo practice
41:02 Why she loves tattooing others
44:00 What the term “wild” means to Cat
46:59 What Cat is currently working on

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