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| Jun 07, 2021

Understanding Norse culture, paganism, and Runes with Renate Elida Haug

Renate Elida Haug

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We have all heard about Norse mythology and its warriors. Besides being fascinating mythology, it has stories that captivate the attention of those who hear about it; to find out more about this mythology, today, we will have a special guest to enlighten us with her knowledge.

Today’s guest is Renata Haug, an expert in Norse mythology and the runic alphabet.

Renata was born in Norway, and since she was little she created an appreciation for Viking culture, which led her to study and learn more about her own culture.

In today’s episode, Renata is here to show us how to interpret the world in a different way through the runes. Also, we will talk about paganism and initiation.

You cannot miss this episode! You will not only hear about Norwegian culture but also know the meaning behind the UNcivilized logo.


Renate Elida Haug is a Norwegian Waldorf school teacher, naturopath, and Norse shaman.

She is a teacher in a Norse shamanistic tradition and runic lore. Together with her friend and soul sister, she runs the Brisingamen, is a school where they teach Norse shamanism and offers rites of passage (birth rituals, confirmation from child to adult, and handfastings) and other yearly rituals.

She grew up with a close and intimate connection to nature, with a great fascination with Norse myths and runes. She started off self-taught but, has for many years now, studied under a fantastic mentor and teacher in shamanism and rune theory.

She is about to publish an oracle deck with runic drawings of the elder futhark.


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Instagram: @renateelidahaug


[2:37] Meet Renata Haug.
[5:07] Is there a rejection of Viking culture in Norway?
[14:59] The disconnection of the human being with the myths.
[18:12] What are the runes?
[26:47] The value of rituals.
[32:51] The initiation of men and women.
[36:20] Join the UNcivilized Nation.
[39:30] How many runes exist?
[45:53] Overview of paganism.
[52:16] Where to find Renata.

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