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| Aug 06, 2021

We’ve forgotten what it means to be human with Kaylor Betts

Kaylor Betts

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A video that started harmlessly ended in hundreds of attacks through social networks; this is the reality today's guest Kaylor Betts lives today.

After filming a video talking about mental health, Kaylor's video responses turned from applause to hatred, shocking! Today he is here to tell us what he experienced during the storm of opinions, attacks, and threats received on his social networks. Not only that, but we will also hear the story of depression and anxiety that led our guest to become a mental wealth coach and help others.

You will hear about human history, social media, politics; this episode has it all. Do not miss it!


Kaylor is the founder of the Mental Wealth Podcast, and he is a Mental Wealth Coach. He is deeply passionate about helping others live their best life and developing unshakeable self-worth. Kaylor has overcome many mental health challenges to be in a beautiful place to be equipped to help others. He is an entrepreneur that started in the fitness industry, eventually building and running a private gym for 5 years. He has helped hundreds of clients with their physical and mental health. More recently, in the last 3 years, he has focused on helping people achieve Mental Wealth, which means achieving their highest potential.


[0:38] Meeting Kaylor Betts.

[7:28] At war with the mind.

[18:37] How do we change the subconscious mind?

[23:38] Immediate pleasure in today's society.

[27:29] When did the change in human consciousness begin?

[31:41] A controversial video.

[39:00] How to handle incoming negativity and hate?

[49:27] The main resistance about the mental wealth video.

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