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| Jan 07, 2021

What a serial entrepreneur can teach you about business with Dahn Trang

Dahn Trang

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What's meant for you will come even if you step off. What's not, won't come even if you step in.

In this episode, you will meet Danh Trang. He is a man who has found his passion in the business world. As the son of immigrant parents, Danh learned about entrepreneurship from a young age, finding his path in the world of business and technology.

This is an episode that you cannot miss. We will talk about the challenges he has overcome by having achondroplasia, the driving force that has led him to be a serial entrepreneur, how he has reached a point of success. Also, he will share the story of how he met the love of his life who is now his fiancée.


He won the genetic jackpot. He was born with achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism that occurs in 1 out of every 40,000 births. Overcoming the schoolyard bullying and living in an average-height world, he has become deeply empathetic, resilient, ingenuitive, and goal-oriented (on and off the field).

Graduated w/ honors in Finance & CompSci from UPenn/Wharton, traded markets at the world’s largest hedge fund (Bridgewater Associates), scaled an SF fintech startup (Blend) from 15 to 400 employees, and now running a mind-body and social-emotional wellness company impacting hundreds of thousands of educators and students (Breathe For Change).

He has run the Boston Marathon every year since 2014 and has improved his best time by over 73 minutes.


Instagram: @danhtrang09
Breathe For Change:


[1:27] Passionate in business and helping others: Getting to know Danh.
[2:02] Divine intervention: Danh talks about how he got into the business world.
[7:46] Bringing magic to the world through entrepreneurship.
[11:17] The driving force behind Danh's success.
[16:05] Walking into Danh entrepreneurial Journey.
[24:02] Danh talks about Breathe for Change and the moment he met his fiancée.
[31:28] Not getting started: The biggest mistake for entrepreneurs.
[37:57] What does it mean living with achondroplasia.
[46:36] The seven questions will help grow your business.
[51:10] Where to find Danh.

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