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| Mar 22, 2021

What picking locks teaches you about freedom with Pat Watson

Pat Watson

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Learn how to pick not only your house lock but also those on your mind to get freedom.

Today's guest is Pat Watson, a man with the impressive ability of lockpicking. Pat's clients range from homesteaders to engineers and even a blind couple to whom he teaches lock picking and locking while guides them to a philosophy of life where each individual's freedom is paramount valued.

In today's episode, you will learn about lockpicking, bureaucracy, and Pat's story on how watching his cop dad opening doors with credit cards led him to have the curiosity to try lockpicking and turn it into an incredible skill.

I know you all wondered if it would be possible to open the lock on the banks' doors. Find out in today's episode with Pat Watson.


Pat Watson is an author, podcaster, and instructor for personal security concepts and is a passionate supporter for personal Liberty. Pat has served over a decade combined between federal, military, and local law enforcement operations including seizing more than 80 metric tons of contraband during counter-narco terrorism patrols and apprehending more than 30 Somali pirates with Task Force 151 as well as experience in Local Law Enforcement specializing in patrol operations and unconventional entries. Pat’s Tactical Lock Picking curriculum is the product of field experience in what works, and more importantly, what does not. Pat’s Liberty related content is also a product of what works and what does not.


Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @UncensoredTactical


[1:36] Can a dog detect migraines.
[4:11] Meet Pat Watson.
[7:38] Unlock your mind with these questions.
[12:51] Learn about the art of lockpicking.
[14:48] Pat's beginnings in lockpicking and why you don't have to be from the FBI to pick a lock.
[20:07] What does Pat love about lockpicking?
[22:42] Turning civilians into people with incredible abilities.
[23:48] Pat's philosophy on lockpicking applied to life.
[26:40] The most significant gap between security and insecurity.
[35:08] The most challenging thing Pat ever had to open.
[39:08] Pat's new book.
[42:14] The biggest challenge of the bureaucracy.
[46:15] Where to find Pat.

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