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| Jul 20, 2021

What team sports can teach us about race relations with Bo-Dean Sanders

Bo-Dean Sanders

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Over the years, these minorities have raised their voices to ask for equality, respect, opportunities, and rights, generating enormous changes at the cultural and social levels. But, the fight is not over yet.
Racism is still latent in our country and is ingrained in the hearts and minds of people who have refused to accept differences in color, culture, and language, causing hatred and delay within a country that constantly seeks progress. 

Today's guest Bo-Dean Sanders seeks to seal the gap between races by preaching diversity and inclusion across the country. In his book " Race Against ... Against Race," Bo-Dean opens the conversation between the race differences existing in the United States through his experience in the sports world — A world in which equality is considered the norm.

This episode will show us how the world of sports is more than just entertainment. It is a world where it doesn't matter how you look as we fight for the same goal.

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Bo-Dean was born in Jacksonville, Florida where he and his siblings were raised by their single mother. He learned his values by attending his grandmother’s Baptist church. His love of sports began while watching college football on Saturdays and NFL games on Sundays. Bo-Dean represented Jean Ribault High, his all-Black high school, as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) athlete of the year in the 1981–1982 football season.

He’s currently a member of the Delco Press Club. Over the years, Bo-Dean has been part of notable articles in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Delco Times, Town Talk, Delaware Business Magazine, Out & About Magazine, County Press, and Main Line Today.


[3:28] Meet Bo-Dean Sanders.

[6:52] Bo- Dean integration process: From a black university to a white one.

[16:43] Bo-Dean's new university unexpected challenges.

[23:21] What inspired Bo-Dean to write his book.

[27:47] Changing the paradigm of sports.

[34:01] How to join the UNcivilized Nation.

[34:41] How do we include the spirit of union in our culture.

[45:34] What does Bo-Dean want to achieve with his book.

[51:11] How to close the gap between races.

[54:28] Where to find Bo-Dean.

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