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| Mar 29, 2021

Why it’s more than okay to be a man with Traver Boehm

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At some point most men have heard, felt, or internalized the notion — it’s not okay to be a man.

This is one of the most destructive and tragic falsities a man can believe. It’s responsible for more toxic behavior, self harm, and outward harm than any other belief men take in.

When we change this, we stop the massively destructive behavior its shadow creates. Until we change this — we won’t.

Men — if you’ve felt this, I’m sorry.

If you’ve heard this, I’m sorry.

If you believe this, I’m sorry — AND — it’s time to let this idea go and replace with one that works with you and for you. That works for your loved ones and works for the planet

It’s pretty goddamn good to be a man. Own it.



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