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| Aug 13, 2020

Why police need to solve for pain more than crime with Garrett TeSlaa

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Perspective. Every story has more than one side, and every side should be listened to in order to figure out a solution.

When we talk about justice the first thing that comes to mind is the police, but recent news has shown the police as the bad guys in the story. To listen to both sides, and make your own criteria, today's guest is Garrett TeSlaa. Garrett is a veteran cop at the police department in California. In this episode, he shares what a day in the life of a cop is like and the risk that comes with it. He also shared with us his insights on subjects such as police defunding, qualified immunity, and military training.

About Garrett TeSlaa

Garrett TeSlaa is building a world where first responders wake up inspired, feel confident at work, and return home safe knowing they have spent their time in a worthy cause. A 15-year veteran of law enforcement, Garrett is the host of The Squad Room Podcast about personal development for law enforcement professionals. A graduate of the Supervisory Leadership Institute, Garrett holds a Master's in Public Administration with an emphasis in Public Sector Leadership. Garrett's TEDx talk, "The Importance of Second Responders" is available now on YouTube.

Connect with Garrett

Instagram: @thesquadroom

What You’ll Hear

4:22 How is a cop's daily life, and 911 calls.

7:40 How most of the police suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress.

11:05 How do we stop the public from seeing the police as the enemy

13:55 Garrett talks about police training.

14:56 Garrett's thoughts about the tension between the police and the public.

16:11 What does 'defund the police' mean.

18:08 Garrett's experiences as a cop.

19:09 Mental issues and medical calls.

25:41 Militarization of the police department.

31:07 What is community policing.

33:49 What is the qualified immunity.

39:05 Cops consequences of removing qualified immunity

44:14 How does the black community and the police community begin to rebuild trust in each other

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