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| Apr 29, 2021

You are your own drug with Samantha Skelly

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Breathwork, ADD, entertainment, human potential, even aliens; this episode has it all!

Joining the mic with me today is Sam Skelly. Besides being an unapologetic badass, Sam is a 7-figure entrepreneur, sought-after international speaker, best-selling author, and wellness coaching expert.

In today's episode, we had a deep conversation where we speak our minds. The benefits of breathwork and its resemblance to the use of plants, how to reach human potential using breathwork, even Sam will talk about the three fundamental pillars of breathwork.

Have you ever met someone so extraordinary that you think they are an alien? We too! Find out why today's guest is so interested in aliens.

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Samantha Skelly founded both; Hungry for Happiness, a movement that helps people experience true transformation and happiness through trained certified coaches who utilize emotional and energetic coaching techniques, and PAUSE Breathwork, which has a mission to unite humanity by helping people breathe, feel, and thrive. Samantha has revolutionized the weight loss and self-help industries by examining the individual and underlying causes of food, body, and self-love issues.

She has shared her mission on an international platform, with appearances on Global TV, Shaw, NBC, CBC, and BBC. She's also been featured in various publications, such as Forbes, The Huffington Post, The Elephant Journal, and The Prevail Project. Samantha continues to spread her message and transform the lives of tens of thousands of people through her programs, worldwide international retreats, motivational speaking engagements, the popular Hungry for Happiness podcast, and her best-selling Hay House book, Hungry For Happiness.



Instagram: @samanthaskelly
Youtube: SamanthaSkelly

Hungry for Happiness:

Website: hungryforhappiness.com
Instagram: @hungryforhappiness
Facebook: facebook.com/hungryforhappiness1/

Pause Breathwork:

Website: pausebreathwork.com
Instagram: @pausebreathwork
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pausebreathworkcommunity


[2:05] Meet today's guest: Sam Skelly.
[3:18] From entertainment to business.
[8:43] Are social media a double-edged sword?
[13:48] Sam's relationship with ADD.
[17:50] Women and ADD.
[20:21] Why exist a need for creative expression in society?
[22:19] Let's talk about breathwork and its benefits.
[28:00] Ayahuasca and breathwork.
[29:59] Join the UNcivilized Nation.
[32:39] Exploiting your potential.
[35:00] Eating disorders and Sam’s company Hungry for Happiness.
[37:23] Could breathwork change society?
[40:40] Aliens?
[45:07] What inspires Sam.
[47:47] Where to find Sam.

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