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The UNcivilized Leadership Crucible & Coaching Certification
The UNcivilized Leadership Crucible & Coaching Certification


Immersive and Transformative Leadership and Coach Development Training

AND for the first time ever...


In-Person Workshop Facilitator Trainer Weekend

Dave and Traver

A weekend of live and in-person training with Traver and Dave in Denver, CO for all previous graduates of the UNcivilized Leadership Crucible or the UNcivilized Coaching Certification.

Additional details coming soon!

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Want to know the answer to this question I asked thousands of men last year:

“What is the best thing that came out of the pandemic for you?”

The answer will break your heart. Let it.

“Now I know my kids.”

Fuck. Even if you don’t have kids you feel this one, don’t you?

The status quo was brought to its knees last year and men all over the world came face to face with the reality that the vast majority of lives was devoid of meaning.

Father and child sharing a chair while both looking at their own mobile devices

If we need proof that most men’s lives are devoid of meaning, look at what they’re doing each day as proof:

Living without a purpose or passion, and showing up to the same mindless job every week leaving them feeling empty and alone.

Numbing themselves with booze, porn and drugs every week to avoid their feelings shame and disappointment. 

Craving blackbelt ninja sex and blasting their woman’s heart wide open yet they settle for romantic relationships that are vanilla, comfortable and mind numbingly boring. 

Treating their body like trash compactors with shitty food and a sedentary lifestyle that leaves them ashamed to take their shirts off at the pool. 

If any of that sounds familiar or makes you think “fuck that’s me…”

This is the wake up call you needed to start seeing that there’s something bigger waiting for you, brother. 

Man holding a drink in a dark room

Because the world is opening back up and millions of men are now choosing to go back to long hours of commuting and going back to their soul-numbing job…

It doesn’t mean that you need to follow what everyone else is doing...

You have the power and an invitation to make a different choice than other men.

Business man talking on the phone

If you’re sick of this civilized way of living and want to break free, then watch the video above and keep reading.

And no, this is not going to be a two mile sales page that bores the shit out of you.

If you’re the kind of man who wants to take control of his own destiny and be an integral part in changing men’s lives, then here’s your opportunity...

Traver Boehm leading a workshop

My name is Traver Boehm and I’ve not only started a revolution in men with The UNcivilized Movement, I’ve also personally trained scores of now wildly successful coaches.

Each of these coaches have in turn have helped thousands of men and women:

  • Create their own six and seven-figure businesses
  • Create deeply intimate and wildly passionate relationships
  • Let go of addictive habits that were keeping them locked in shame spirals
  • Start waking up ready to kick ass in the world

The men’s coaching industry is in its infancy, so this is your opportunity to get in on the ground level and start leading your life, being of service, and falling asleep at night knowing you’ve made a huge difference in the lives of many.


Join myself and UNcivilized Nation President David Boyd for this amazing 12-week LIVE course (full details below) that for the first time ever combines The UNcivilized Leadership Crucible and The UNcivilized Coaching Certification.

At the end of the course you will be eligible to run your own UNcivilized Men’s Group as well as be a certified UNcivilized Men’s Coach.

Both of which put you in the driver’s seat for designing and living an extraordinary life.

One you’re in charge of and one guaranteed to push you and the men in your life to new heights.

Join us. For you, the struggling men around you, and for your and their families.


UNcivilized Ethos Tenet #2


It's your time to do just that.

See you in 2024. Tuesday, August 2nd.

Traver Boehm

Founder of The UNcivilized Movement & The UNcivilized Nation

Author of Today I Rise and Man UNcivilized. Two-time TEDx Speaker.  International workshop leader and renowned men’s coach.


President of The UNcivilized Nation

Husband, Father, Men’s Coach, US Marine Veteran, Former Law Enforcement Officer, Former SWAT Officer, CrossFit Coach.

TheUNcivilized Leadership Crucible

Taught by Dave Boyd

Whether you’re a natural leader or leadership terrifies you, we got you. In The UNcivilized Leadership Crucible you will learn from the best how to:




Know yourself. Lead yourself.

  • Where do I begin?
  • How to start your own online men’s group.
  • What kind of leader are you going to be?



Group Dynamics

  • Understanding Individual, family, and group value systems.
  • Showing Up.



How To Have Hard Conversations

  • Communication determines your success and failure as a leader.
  • Set and Setting



Introduction To Coaching Skills

  • Perspective.
  • Developing true active listening skills.
  • Identify your role as a leader.



What Kind Of Leader Am I?

  • Continuous leadership development.
  • How to question everything.



Adapt and overcome

  • Mental health awareness.
  • Take care of yourself so you can take care of others.
  • Moving forward with Man UNcivilized in your local area.

Weekly Requirements

  • Emailed homework at the beginning of each week and after each live call
  • 1 x Live Call with Dave
  • 1 x Live Call with the men on your team

TheUNcivilized Coaching Certification

Taught by Traver Boehm

It’s easy to be a good coach, but to become a great coach—an UNcivilized Coachyou’ll get insight on how to master the following:




Owning Your Role As A Coach

  • Coaching vs therapy and knowing the difference
  • Creating connection and trust
  • How to employ active listening and mirroring
  • Your scope of practice and when to refer out
  • How to establish and keep healthy boundaries with your clients



Mastering The Intake

  • The four parts of a successful session
  • Chinese Medicine’s Foundational Diagnostic method
  • Establishing your client’s A-Point
  • Root vs Branch
  • Asking the right questions



You Are Human As Are They

  • Understanding your own biases and triggers
  • Core challenges of humans
  • How to stay on track during a call
  • The art of redirection
  • Supporting your clients vs enabling them



How to navigate your client to their truth

  • Delving into the past without getting stuck there
  • How to use sentence stems (this is massive)
  • How and when to weave in your own stories and experiences
  • Prescriptive dosing of exercises and comfort zone challenges
  • Creating your own unique coaching exercises both within the session and outside of it



Common Challenges In Coaching

  • What to do with an uncompliant client
  • Returning them to the truth they’re seeking
  • How to deal with no show’s and late clients
  • Being the lighthouse for clients in turmoil
  • Protecting your own energy with intense calls



The Business Of Coaching

  • How to set up your coaching practice
  • Groups vs 1:1
  • What to charge and how
  • How to market your services
  • The pre call questionnaire for your clients.

Weekly Requirements

  • Live weekly call with Traver
  • 2 x 25 min coaching calls with members of your community.
  • 2 x 60 min weekly coaching hotseats with Traver.



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In the Nation, I found, for the first time in my life, a place where I can show up authentically without fear of judgement or criticism. A place where I share openly about my struggles and victories, where I receive genuine support from men who are on the same path.
—D.C., Bend, OR

The Nation has provided me with an open door. An open door to be myself. An open door to express my masculinity. An open door to ask the questions I didn't feel safe asking anywhere else. The Nation has opened up the door for more possibilities in my life than I ever thought possible.
—E.D., Des Moines IA

The Nation is a place of freedom. A place to be what I need to be. A Man alongside Men. It is a gathering of real men, men who have the balls to step outside the conventional world and live UNcivilized.
—M.H., Lethbridge, AUS

Placeholder Image

I’m thankful for an open, no judgment space to share my struggles and wins. Show up and do the work, the wins will come, but you have to be here.
—Z.M., Mansfield, OH

This group has been a huge blessing for me! Just listening to the stories that everyone is going through helps me feel like I'm not alone. Being able to express how I feel and knowing that I'm going to receive quality feedback and support is a great feeling to have.
—N.O., Wheat Ridge, CO

The Nation checks my bullshit, challenges me to make the most of the present, forces me to question the easy path, sits with me when I’m right down in the dirt, celebrates with me when I’m not. It’s a global band of brothers I’m privileged to belong to.
—C.C., London, U.K.

I've always had to be a one-man army before, fighting the battles of life alone. This group gives me like-minded men who will support and defend that fight, so we all achieve victory.
—G.B., Philadelphia, PA

This nation has allowed me to gain a community of like-minded men, who have zero interests in anything other than helping each other heal!
—T.J., Compton, CA

I have a global tribe of men who I can trust and know that they got my back just like I got theirs. A band of brothers on whom I can lean on, learn from and share with.
—H.K., The Hague, NL

One of the best decisions that I've made in 40 years of life. If you are seeking brotherhood, knowledge, expansion, peace, awareness, heart, leadership, and so much more, seek no more. This IS it!
—R.W., Denver, CO


*These results are not guaranteed, and are different for every person.


Kick off: Spring 2024 


Calls take place on Mondays from 8-9:30pm:

Exact dates to be confirmed.

  • Monday, July 31 @ 8pm ET.
  • Monday, August 7 @ 8pm ET.
  • Monday, August 14 @ 8pm ET.
  • Monday, August 21 @ 8pm ET.
  • Monday, August 28 @ 8pm ET.
  • Monday, September 4 @ 8pm ET.


*Requires having previously completed the UNcivilized Leadership Crucible

Calls take place on Mondays from 8-9:30pm:

Exact dates to be confirmed.

  • Monday, September 11 @ 8pm ET.
  • Monday, September 18 @ 8pm ET.
  • Monday, September 25 @ 8pm ET.
  • Monday, September 21 @ 8pm ET.
  • Monday, October 2 @ 8pm ET.
  • Monday, October 9 @ 8pm ET.
  • 2x Coaching Hot Seat Calls: Dates TBC.


In-Person Workshop Facilitator Trainer Weekend

A weekend of live and in-person training with Traver and Dave in Denver, CO.

Additional details coming soon!

The UNcivilized Leadership Crucible and Coaching Certification

We take this program seriously and do not accept all applicants. Please fill out the following questionnaire and we will contact you with further steps.