As the book states, my mission is to change the way 1 MILLION men express their masculinity and to do that, I need your help. Women are the message spreaders of the world. 

Man UNcivilized is the bible of a movement giving men the space to speak, to heal, and to grow into the men their hearts have always know they were meant to be.

Men who are free of the burden of their egos.

Men who are free of the cage of society’s view of them

Men who are free of the wounds burning holes in their stomachs and pulling the strings on their destructive behavior.

This is the bible of a moment of men who are UNAPOLOGETIC about who they are in this world.

Man UNcivlized gives men the pathway to:

1) THE paradigm men are now flocking to in droves – one that demands the cultivation of grounded strength, power checked with integrity, and introduces men to their beautiful hearts. 

2) An ETHOS to live by daily guaranteeing men a healthy place in this world

3) An understanding of sex as a vehicle for growth, healing, and development for both men and their partners. 

4) Peace. Freedom. Community. The real answers to suicide, addiction, and destructive patterns so many men are caught in. The patterns the people in their lives suffer from along with them.

While I originally wrote Man UNcivilized for men, it has quickly been out purchased by you all, so THANK YOU for helping me. And thank you for helping men.

Before you decide to get one for yourself or a man you know, here’s what your sisters have already said about Man UNcivilized:

“This book has set the new standard for dating for me. If he hasn’t read it, I’m not interested in him.” – Susan R, Los Angeles 


“Oh my god, I have hope again. Hope that I’m allowed to want the man you’ve written about. That I wasn’t asking for too much. That I wasn’t asking for more than I deserved.” – Claire R, Ireland 


“Don’t read the Fuck section whist ovulating…. :)” – Megan P, UK 


“I second not reading the Fuck section while ovulating! Goodness gracious!” – Heather T, Scottsdale


“Thank you. Thank you for the courage to write in the way you did. This gives me so much hope for my sons.” – Kayumi R, Manhattan


“This book is a force. I read a chapter before bed every night and know there are men out there doing the work. I have faith in the world of men again. Thank you for that.” – Malina P, Vancouver

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  • Buy a copy of Man Uncivilized.

Cost: $25

  • Buy 5 copies (You know four men who will drastically benefit from having this as a resource) you’ll get my online meditation course for free. Have meditation become your new superpower. A $97 value! (can be given as a gift).

Cost: $125

  • Buy 10 copies (Christmas is coming) and you’ll get a FREE 30 minute coaching call with me personally. Let’s supercharge you and blow through any challenge you’re currently facing. A $325 value! (can be given as a gift).

Cost: $250

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