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21-Day Challenge starting on October 18th for ONLY $21.

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While so many of our programs here are just for men… FITNESS, HEALTH, and LIVING with VIBRANCY is not gender specific. ALL of the UNcivilized Body Programs are open to men, women, and all humans.

man and woman watching a workout video on a mobile phone

“Exercise is KING. Nutrition is QUEEN.
Put them together and you’ve got an UNcivilized KINGDOM.”

—Jack LaLanne, with some editing by us…

Traver Boehm

Folks, when I signed over CrossFit Pacific Coast to my business partner on Jan 1, 2016 — I swore I was done with health and fitness forever.

I’d taught a million kettlebell swings, had gotten thousands of people into a full squat, and had said the words, “Diet Coke isn’t actually good for you just because it has the word ‘diet’ in it” more times than I could count.

As you know, I also wanted to move away from making people’s legs sore and start punching them in the heart.

Yet to this day, five plus years later, I still believe the root of the vast majority of human ills stems from living out of alignment with physical strength and intelligent nutrition.

And that was all before March of last year when things took a hard left.

Now it’s time to address the elephant(s) in the room:

  • Obesity rates across the world are at an all time high.
  • Isolation and screen time is through the roof.
  • Mental health, on a broad scale, is probably the worst it’s ever been.
  • Our physical health is at an all time low.
  • Our relationship with food is similar to our relationship with our ex who cheated on us...

Not good.

Half-sheep, half-wolf
Person watching Netflix on their phone

Why is that?

Our gyms closed and we were told we can’t exercise.

Streaming services have grown exponentially which means more time spent sedentary on a couch or in a bed.

We’re choosing Scrolling IG & Netflix at night over sleep when we should be prioritizing our rest and recovery time.

person watching netflix on their phone

We are drinking alcohol, smoking weed and using drugs more than ever.

We’re gorging processed foods with tons of additives we can’t even pronounce with no concern for the effects it may have on us.

We’re dehydrated and deficient in vitamins and minerals from our lack of choosing nutrient dense food options.

Yet many people are still scratching their heads on a daily basis wondering why they feel awful, have low energy and terrible mental fog.

Is this resonating with you?

We’re seeing so many people out there who are stuck and unmotivated.

So we decided to do something about it.

The UNcivilized Body Logo

We’re launching the UNcivilized Body 21-Day Challenge with one big, hairy, audacious goal —


If you don’t have to think about it, and know you are ready for this 21-Day Challenge...


Before we get into the actual challenge, you’re probably wondering who “we” are.

And I get that.

As the UNcivilized Movement expands exponentially, my role has shifted into more of a leadership position. For someone with moderate (otherwise known as extreme) control issues, this has required a lot of trust and leaning into this concept called “letting go...”

And yet, I know you trust me and I don’t take that lightly.

Your coaches on this journey, Taylor Sleaford and Michael Zagurski are as passionate about fitness and nutrition as I was 10 years ago. They live it, breathe it, and teach it daily.

Taylor Sleaford and Michael Zigurski

They’re also both graduates of The UNcivilized Leadership Crucible and The UNcivilized Coaching Course, as well as long-standing members of The UNcivilized Nation.

These guys aren’t just two jocks we pulled off Instagram, they’re both men deep in the work required to be actualized and whole. Therefore I trust them implicitly with your health and your fitness.

Meet your

UNcivilized Coaches

Michael Scott Zagurski

Michael Scott Zagurski

Precision Nutrition L1
NASM Weight Loss Specialist

People are my passion. Service is my mission.

At age 20, I became a Pro Bodybuilder. I soon realized the passion I had discovered for nutrition and weight loss and how to combine my love for teaching with it. It was then I decided I wanted to become a nutrition coach.

Health and fitness saved me from going down a really bad road at a young age and has taught me incredible life lessons. I’ve dedicated my life to it and it’s shown me time and time again that with enough dedication and a relentless pursuit, you can be anything you want.

Ultimately, I believe you MUST be what you CAN be and that is how I choose to live my life. I believe that’s the key to living a great life, being “GREAT” by your own definition while encouraging GREATNESS to occur around you.

I coach people to be their best, and help individuals find joy in life. By helping them to discover their own power through nutrition and fitness.

Taylor Sleaford

Taylor Sleaford

Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science

I was heavily influenced by the “athlete mentality” until getting into CrossFit in 2013. I fell in love with this training methodology as a fun and competitive way to stay fit. Things clicked with me when a mentor told me “If you have a body you’re an athlete.” Which means you get to decide what your training and goals look like. 

I don’t believe fitness should be put in a box and I’m passionate about helping my clients find a training program they enjoy, helps them reach their goals and fits their schedule.

Over the past 10 years I’ve coached kids, college and professional athletes, moms, dads, CrossFit Games athletes, business executives, etc. to become the best version of themselves through health and fitness.

I firmly believe as humans we are meant to move, and I’m passionate about helping individuals explore a movement practice they enjoy while improving the quality of their life.

Stories on

Body Transformation & Gaining Strength

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I learned a life lesson with Coach Taylor: He taught me if you put the time in, you can learn just about anything, as long as you’re consistent. The growth will be small, and some days you might not even see it, but over time and with consistency, that’s where you start seeing big results. I trained with Taylor for several years, and with his coaching accomplished many of my athletic goals.I trust him, his approach, and that he could coach me to accomplish anything I wanted to achieve.
—Erin Maronick

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I have made more progress working with Taylor in 4 short months than I have in YEARS of working out. I started online programming with specific goals to complete multiple push-ups, complete a strict pull up and improve my squats. I now CAN do multiple push ups (with great form), strict pull ups, and I have increased my bench press by 30 pounds! I don’t think I expected this much progress to come this fast! I tried to follow other people’s advice, but I never knew how to fit it all in or how to organize the extra work. I felt like I was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere.
—Kristi Bird

I’ve been battling an injury for the past couple of months now and fell off training a bit. This was the main reason for starting to work with Taylor. I am seeing improvement in my overall fitness and my injury recovery as well too. Looking forward to coming back stronger than ever and with the right people in my corner!
—Chris T.

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Before & After


Ok, back to the Challenge.

While we know 21 days is not long enough to create lasting change, but it absolutely is enough time to generate momentum. Momentum is worth its weight in gold, as I’m sure you know.

men doing pushups

As we, The UNcivilized, begin to generate momentum together and take control of our health — we take control of our entire lives. When we don’t, we don’t.

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, from lost and hopeless to signing up for a marathon, we want you in this.

Men doing pushups

Over the next three weeks once this kicks off,

we’re going to inspire you to…

Taylor Sleaford
  • Create awareness around your current habits and behavior patterns
  • Get clarity on your true goals and desires
  • Increase your daily movement and activity levels
  • Prioritize your rest and recovery (getting quality sleep!)
  • Increase your hydration habits
  • Exercise your gratitude on a daily basis
  • Practice mindfulness
Taylor Sleaford

We get it, there are a million challenges out there, so you’re probably asking, “How is this challenge different from any other challenge?”

Great question.

Most challenges give you a laundry list of all the things you can’t do and become an exercise in will-power and misery tolerance.

They set you up for long term failure by providing you with rigid guidelines to adhere to which lead to living a highly stressful and highly restrictive lifestyle.

Man and woman working out

The UNcivilized Body 21-day program will be challenging, no doubt.

It’s going to challenge you to THINK differently in terms of how you APPROACH navigating YOUR HEALTH. And in today’s landscape, YOU want to be in charge of YOUR HEALTH. Not dependent on the same broken system that has LITERALLY eliminated the hashtag #NaturalImmunity. Do you really want the same people who gave you the food pyramid dictating your health? We sure as hell don’t.

We’re going to go against the grain and give you a laundry list of things YOU CAN DO.

And we’re going to focus on supporting you implement the habits and structure that will set you up for long term success.

Micheal Zigurski

When you are done with the 21-Day Challenge you are going to have more confidence, better sleep, less stress, more energy, positive attitude, improved focus and a whole lot more.

When you feel better, you make better decisions.

Man flexing bicep


IMAGINE YOURSELF three weeks from now with the incredible feeling of MOMENTUM.

Man flexing bicep

Momentum about how you feel in your body, the pride you have in how you’re eating, and of course, the confidence gained from putting your energy into you and your self care.

I don’t know about you, but I’d pay a lot more than $1 a day to have all of that.

But you don’t have to — $1 a day only — for 21 days — JOIN NOW.


The biggest challenge you’ll face during these next 21 days is the inner dialogue between your ears.

Take a stand and make a commitment to yourself—

and we’ll be here to support you throughout your entire journey from start to finish.

Your UNcivilized Body Team,
Traver, Taylor, & Michael

Traver Boehm
Taylor Sleaford
Michael Zagurski

P.S. Reminder folks, this is not just for men!

All humans are welcome and encouraged to take ownership of their biology and badassery.