The UNcivilized Podcast

| Oct 05, 2020

How To View Your Relationship With Alcohol Through A New Lens with Ted Moskovitz

Ted Moskovitz

Listen to the UNcivilized Podcast:

Are you sober or are you enjoying the booze drinker's life?

As adults, alcohol is something very frequent in our life; when we go to parties, bars, and even hanging out with our friends. Some people like it and some others don't. But, what if I tell you that there's a product that both the sober and the drinkers communities may fall in love with? Our guest is the creator of the best alcohol alternative drink in the world, with components that will make you more appreciative of the time you spend with the people you love; our guest for this episode is the brilliant Ted Moskovitz.

We had an incredible conversation in this UNplugged episode where we talked about subjects like: Why the sobriety community has become so popular in the last couple of years, entrepreneurship as a difficult path to follow, his life's lost and why it inspired him to keep going and growing, the use of alcohol to socialize and alcohol as an addiction.

Grab a glass of water and listen to this alcohol free episode, cheers.

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About Ted Moskovitz

As his Instagram biography describes him: Wonder Junkie, Biohacker, Consciousness Explorer, Shoshin. Ted is the founder of AMMA a health and wellness company and an advocate for the benefits of hemp extract , specially utilizing them as a healthier alternative to alcohol.

He builds and runs companies that lean into the future. Living at the intersection of possibility and purpose with a community of bright, passionate, and fearless folks. Ted is currently focused on SaaS, genomic-based medicine & optimal performance, and blockchain (distributed ledger) technology.

Connect with Ted

AMMA Website:
Instagram: @teddymosk

What you'll hear

4:24 Who's Ted and what is he building.
5:57 Ted talks about the tough transition from lawyer to entrepreneur.
9:02 What inspired him to be an entrepreneur and how he reached it.
12:20 Ted talks about how he overcame losses and how it helps him reach his goals.
16:22 Ted, as the creator of the alcohol alternative drink talks about his history with alcohol and what
inspired him to make this product
19:59 Ted's thoughts about what lead the people to drink alcohol to socialize.
25:50 How to decouple alcohol from fun.
27:34 How to replace alcohol.
31:15 Why he thinks the conversation of sobriety is coming up in the US.
35:54 How he replaces alcohol with his drink and the public it is designed for.
39:40 The paradigm of the new alternative for alcohol.
45:16 What does he see as the future of alcohol.
47:08 How the alcohol alternative product can affect people with addictions.
50:23 Where to find Ted.
52:12 How to support Ted.

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