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| Mar 11, 2021

Anxiety, cancer, and the power of choice with Themer Abourayan

Themer Abourayan

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There are circumstances in our life that we simply cannot control, and cancer is one of them.

Today's guest is Themer Abourayan, an exceptional coach for whom I have affection and appreciation. Themer is a fantastic man and an example of overcoming. A man with brutal honesty that you can appreciate in today's episode.

We will hear his story of how he survived cancer as a very young person and learned to overcome his anxiety by facing his demons in loneliness.

Get inspired by today's episode and face your emotions, fears, and demons.


About 10 years ago Themer was dealing with a severe anxiety disorder as a result of having had cancer and surviving. In his search for answers he started his path of spiritual and personal growth. This inner work never stopped and ran like a thread through his life since then. He decided to quit his job as an executive in a fast paced commercial environment of a tech scale-up after specialising in body awareness, intimacy, sexuality, conscious relating and polarity.

Today Themer guides men and women to connect deeper to their masculine and feminine essence. Next to that Themer uses his past experience as a leader in business to help entrepreneurs to cultivate conscious and serving leadership in their start- and scale-ups.

In February of this year, he also birthed his newest project, LUVR, which focuses on making support on healthy relationships and sexuality accessible to the masses.


Instagram: @themerabourayan


[1:47] Meet Themer.
[4:47] Themer's journey.
[6:53] A mind of 20 and a cancer diagnosis.
[15:04] Navigating the world with terror over the shoulder.
[19:50] What does it mean to 'Meet an emotion.'
[25:17] The relationship with anxiety.
[31:16] Themer's quote.
[36:25] The willingness to step back.
[52:39] Where to find Themer.

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